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Shweta Khadka Biography, Age and Her Personal Life

biography of Shweta Khadka
Shweta Khadka
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 4″
Birth Place: Kaverpalachowk, Nepal
Occupation: Actress, Producer, Enterpreneur, Social Worker
Relation: Married

Shweta is a well-known name in the Nepali film Industry. She’s an actress, producer, and entrepreneur. She’s well known for her personal life and movies. Shweta has made an outstanding contribution to the Nepali Film Industry with the massive blockbuster Shree Krishna Shrestha in the Past. We have prepared the Shweta Khadka Biography, Wiki, and Personal Life.

She started her film career as the lead actress in Kaha Bhetiyela. It’s one of the massive hit movies of that year—Shweta, as an actress and film producer, had given a new level in the Nepali film Industry.

After the demise of the Late Shree Krishna Shrestha, she again gained popularity regarding her own life. With the second marriage with Bijayendra Singh, she again gained popularity. Also, the news of being a mother gives the latest headlines regarding her personal life.

Shweta Khadka Biography

The charming actress Shweta Khadka is well known for her movies like Kaha Bhetiyela, Kohinoor, and Kaanchi. She is a social worker and entrepreneur born on February 5, 1988, in Panauti Village, Kavrepalanchowk. 

Similarly, She is a founder of the Shweta Shree Foundation, a non-profit organization. She was involved in multiple businesses and organizations before her film career. Currently, she’s active in her film career and entrepreneurial activities.

Sweta Khadka Love

She has made a good name as a social service with her non-profit organization, Shweta Shree Foundation. Married to Shree Krishna Shrestha, she had done her second married to Bijayandra Singh in 2022. currently, she’s living her happy married life with him.

Real NameRanjana Khadka
BirthFeb 5th,, 1988
Age(As of Now) 34
Birth PlacePanauti, Kaverpalanchowk
ProfessionActress, Producer, Politician, Entrepreneur, Social Worker
IntermediateIndreshowr Higher Secondary School
EducationBachelor’s in engineering, TU
ProfessionPosition MD of MRS & Engineering P. Ltd.
Debut MovieKaha Bhetiyela
HusbandShree Krishna Shrestha (Late), Bijayendra Singh Rawat (Current)
Known forActress
Popular MoviesKaha Bhetiyela, Kohinoor, Kaanchi

Shweta’s Early Life and Education

She was born in the Panauti Village of Kaverpalanchowk and spent her childhood there. She completed her childhood education in the same district. She had done the secondary level at the Shree Ram Higher Secondary School, Khopasi, and later joined the Indreshowr Higher Secondary School for the Intermediate.

FatherOtbahadur Khadka
MotherGoma Khadka

Later on, she moved to Kathmandu for higher education. Here she joined a TU and completed an Engineering. Finally, she completed the Engineering and became the MD of MRS & Engineering.

Regarding acting, she was not interested in acting in the child. She doesn’t like working much, but when she moved to Kathmandu, she got an offer to play in a movie in collaboration with the Late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha.

Shweta Khadka Filmography

Although she neglects the proposal for the movie to her family’s desire, she later agrees to play the movie after requesting the proposal for her parents. We loved her for acting in the film. Luckily, she was able to give her best and loved by the Nepali audience for her first movie, Kaha Bhetiyela.

After the success and positive response from the audience, she got several offers to play in the movie. Later, she played in movies like Hasi Deu Ek Fera, Shreemaan Shreemati, Kohinoor, etc.

Commercially, the movie was unsuccessful, but she got a way to survive in the Nepali film Industry. The last film with Shree Krishna Shrestha, Kohinoor, was her life’s most significant turning point.

Although the movie was commercially successful, she lost her husband in the same phase. After Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha’s demise, she disappeared from the Nepali film industry. She mourned for a year, remembering her past life with Shree Krishna Shrestha.

Later in 2018, she returned with the next film Kaanchi with Daya Hang Rai. The film has done good at the box office and got a positive review. It was another debut in Shweta’s Life after all these events in her life.

  • Kaha Bhetiyala
  • Hasi Deu Ek Fera
  • Shreeman Shreemati
  • Kohinoor (2014)
  • Kanchi (2018)

Right now, she has produced the next project titled, Hello Jindagi. The movie is planning to be shoot in the UK. 

Shweta Khadka Profession: Investor, Politician, Social Worker

Besides an acting and film producer Shweta is also an Entrepreneur and Engineer. Recently, she used to have joint ownership of Planet Kollywood and Hotel Indreni with the Late Shree Krishna Shrestha.

Biography of Shweta Khadka, she made her name to the public as a Social Worker too. Besides acting and business, she has a keen interest in social activities. To help and support the people, she founded the Shweta Shree Foundation. She used to work in favor of underprivileged and ultra-poor people in the country with her Foundation. To minimize the crisis, she contributed a lot to the earthquake victim in 2017 in the name of Shree Krishna Shrestha.

Similarly, as an Investor, she had joined hands with many Businesses in Nepal. She has invested in various businesses till now. In 2017, she invested in Ultimodeal Online Shopping Pvt. Ltd to emerge the new revolution in eCommerce business in Nepal. Right now, she is the chairman of Ultimodeal company.

Shweta Khadka as a Politician

She joined the Political party to contribute to the nation and suporting to the poor and backward society. With certain beliefs, she allied her hand with the Leading Political Party of Nepal, the Nepali Congress.

Shweta Khadka and Her Family

Shweta married co-actor Shree Krishna Shrestha on July 7, 2014. Sadly, her married life was not successful. Her husband, Shree Krishna Shrestha got, died after a month of marriage on August 10, 2014 ( same year) due to bone cancer and pneumonia. 

Swetha Khadka with Husband

Later on 2020 December 7, she had done her second marriage to Bijayendra Singh Rawat. Shweta got married to Bijayendra from Dhangadhi. They used to love each other for some time and later tight the knot forever on December 7 at Gokarna Forest Resort.

Baby of Actress Sweta Khadka

Shweta Net Worth and Awards

In her career, she has played a limited number of movies. But we loved her for her acting and charming face and roles in the film. She started her career with the Movie Kaha Bhetiyela. As the movie was a commercially hit, she got a new way to grow in the Nepali film industry. She made a good income from these few movies.

Besides the movie, her primary income source is business. She used to make a good income from her business, as being an owner, partner, and professional of different companies, she had gained an excellent net worth.

Approximately her net worth as of 2022 is around three crores NPR. She had invested her all worth on different side businesses and other projects.

Regarding awards, she received some recognition for her acting. Shweta won the National Film Award for Best Actress as her debut for the movie Kaha Bhetiyela. Later, she also won the Popular Actress Award in 2014 for the movie Kohinoor.

Facts of Shweta Khadka

  • Shweta has a beautiful bird tattoo on her right arm.
  • Shweta loves traveling with their favorite person.
  • Together Shweta and Bijayendra are called #Shweb.
  • Shweta is an actress, politician, and social worker too.
  • Shweta is a fitness freak.
  • Shweta owned many side businesses in Nepal, like Elements, Ultimodeal, etc.
  • Shweta had coverage in the famous Nepali Magazine SARVOTTAM NARI.

Common Questions

How old is Shweta Khadka?

Shweta Khadka is 34 years as of now.

When was Sweta Khadka born?

She was born in 1988 in Kaverpalanchowk.

What is the husband’s name of Shweta Khadka?

Bijyayendra Singh Rawat is the second husband of Shweta Khadka.

What’s the age of Bijayendra Singh Rawat?

The age of Bijyendra Singh is N/A.

What is the age difference between Sweta khadka and her husband?

The age difference between Shweta and her husband is N/A Years.


Shweta Khadka is a charming Lady who has worte her destination in different sectors. Besides being an actress and producer, she’s a good entrepreneur. Similarly, she’s a kind-hearted lady who started the Foundation to aid the country’s poor people.

From this Shweta Khadka Biography, we have included her personal life, struggle story, family, married life, profession, and all.

Basanta Limbu
Basanta Limbu
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