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    VTEN Biography, Age, Life Story and Net Worth

    biography of VTEN
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 5″
    Birth Place: Rauthat, Nepal
    Occupation: Singer
    Relation: Single

    Samri industry, Aka VTEN, is a young Nepali Rapper and songwriter widely known for his Rap songs. He had a big name in the Nep-hop Industry. The singer of pop-rap songs like Hami Yestai Tw Honi, Sim Sime Pani, Church, etc. Mr. VTEN had made a good name in the Industry. Here’s the VTEN Biography, Wiki, and details about his life.

    biography of samir ghising

    VTEN is a sensational rap superstar of the Nepali hip-hop industry with a big name and fan followers. He is a singer with a good number of followers. The Youth loves the songs and their lyrics, and the majority of the Youths adore him.

    VTEN Biography

    By profession, VTEN is a singer and songwriter. He used to write the songs himself and sing them. Starting the Singing journey with his first song, Churot, he brightened the name of this Industry. 

    He’s one o the aspiring Nepali Hip-Hop among Youth. Born in Rauthat, he had made his name in Industry as a top like Laure. He established himself as the top singer with his rap and meaningful lyrics.

    BirthMay 21, 1996
    Age (As of Now)26
    Birth PlaceRauthat, Nepal
    ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
    Debut AlbumMistake
    Debut SongChurch
    Popular SongsHami Yestai Tw Honi, Sim Sime Pani, Church

    Samir Ghising( VTEN) Childhood & Early Life

    He was born in the Rauthat. Samir Ghising spends his childhood with the family. In the early days, he used to work as a carpenter with his father. There he learned and worked to make the furniture items like cupboards, doors, windows, etc. Almost his childhood spends on his schooling and his father’s work as a carpenter.

    Later, in his teenage years, he moved to Kathmandu with a big dream. Here he had done his Higher School study and again followed out the poor works of carpeting and paintings. 

    Father NameKapil Babu Lama
    MotherHema Lama
    SisterSelin Lama

    Sister Simron

    He started painting there with his uncle. As he was passionate about singing in the past few days, he got to sing while painting. Before getting in touch with the Nepali Music Industry, he spent most of his time writing rap songs.

    VTEN Career

    In the Initial days, he worked with different artists like Girish Khatiwada as his lyrics represent the realism and relatability of the Youth he used to be loved by the artists. With these all, he recorded his first rap song, Churot.

    As a way of expressing the realism and reality of the struggle of the Youth, his songs can hit millions of views. It was an Initial journey to the VTEN to get such a good response on his debut.

    biography of vten

    This song helped him to raise his career in the Nep-Hop Industry. After this, he contributed to several hits on his musical journey.

    VTEN Songs Lists

    After the first song, Churot sang several songs like Tatto Na Chiaro, Laure Ko Fashion, Himmat, and many more. These are Hami Yestai Tw Honi, Sim Sime Pani, Church, etc. These are the massive hits of his career.

    • Church
    • Tattoo Na Chiaro
    • Intro
    • Laure Ko Fashion
    • Baini
    • Maafi Garideu Aama
    • Himmat
    • Khalasi
    • Manche Khatam
    • Halkhabar
    • Kathaa
    • Sim Sime Pani
    • On My Way
    • MA PA SE
    • Yantai ta Honi Bro
    • Nepali Ho
    • Paraa
    • CARMEL
    • Galli Sadak
    • Gau Tirai
    • Kukur

    VTEN Relationship and Affairs

    He is still Single. VTEN loves freedom and used to spend his time with either friends and family or writing the lyrics for his next song. As his songs represent the bitter reality of today’s Youth, he used to love to express such feelings in his songs.

    He had a global fan following as he used to get far away from making a girlfriend and being in a relationship. He is afraid of being a failure in his career. As he’s serious about his career, he used to get away from such relationships.

     Some Facts of VTEN/ Samir Ghising

    • Churot from the Album Mistake is his first composition.
    • He was born in Rauthat, Nepal.
    • He loves to spend his time composing the lyrics.
    • He is a big love failure.
    • He doesn’t believe in a fake relationship. 

    VTEN On Social Platform

    VTEN used to share his journey photos and status on Social platforms. He had a good number of fan followers on his Instagram. Also, he had his own Facebook handle. 

    On Instagram, he used to share his live status and outdoor photos. He’s a verified Instagram user with more than 297K Followers.

    VTEN Net Worth

    He’s one of the topmost Nep-Hop Singers. He used to charge a heavy amount for participation in the programs and concerns. Depending upon the country and his needs, he charges around 1 Lakh per show.

    Also, he used to keep moving for tours in different countries for liver performances. From these all, he used to make a good income. 

    As of now, his net worth is more than a Crore. Besides the live concert, he used to get money from YouTube Videos and other sources.

    Common Questions

    When did VTEN born?

    Vten was born on 1996 May 21 in the Rauthat.

    Where is VTEN from?

    VTEN is from the Rauthat. Currently, he lives in Kathmandu.

    What is VTEN’s first song?

    Churot is the first song of VTEN.

    What is VTEN’s real name?

    Samir Ghising is the actual name of VTEN.

    Who is the rap king in Nepal?

    Laure, VTEN, and Gbob are the topmost Nep-Hop Singers of Nepal.


    The most popular and talented Nepali rapper and singer who got the way to live in Music Industry has done a lot for success. In the Biography of VTEN, we have included his life journey, struggle, personal life, and all about him.


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