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    Vek Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

    Biography Of Vek: Everything About Bibek Wiaba Lama

    biography of Vek
    Birth: 2 November, 1994
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 9″
    Birth Place: Kathmandu
    Occupation: Singer
    Relation: Single

    About Vek Lama

    bibek wiaba lama

    VEK Lama is one of the rising singing stars, rappers, and songs writers from Nepal. Also, he is the semi-finalist of the Voice of Nepal Season 1. VEK is well known for his popular Titles like Eklai Jiuna Sikey, Mayalu, Sayad, etc. Here’s the Biography of VEK for you.

    The semi-finalist of Voice of Nepal Season 1 Mr. VEK is that singer who can crowd the stage whenever. The fans and viewers used to sing, and dance to his music on the live stage. He has a way with the crowd. 

    After getting back from the title of Voice of Nepal Season 1 he started to enhance his singing including the relatable lyrics for his songs.

    The real name of Vek is Bibek Wiaba Lama. But widely he is known by his alias Vek. He titled his name Vek while he was on the journey of Voice of Nepal season 1. He says, “I’ve only started,” he says. “There’s a lot more I have to give. I’m excited.”

    During the Voice of Nepal Season 1, he used to work on the cover songs. After that, he had an Ordinary start in that days.

    Vek Biography

    Name Vek
    Real Name Bibek Wiaba Lama
    Date Of Birth 11/2/1994
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Kathmandu
    Occupation Singer, Rapper, Song Writer
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Current Address Kathmandu
    Field Music Videos
    Education Status +2
    School n/a
    College n/a
    Net Worth 15 Lakhs-20 Lakhs
    Income 50k-1Lakh/Month

    Vek Family Info

    Vek Family Status
    Father n/a
    Mother n/a

    Vek Family Background

    We can’t find details about vek family background.

    Vek Educational Background

    We can’t find details about vek educational background.

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    Childhood: Initial Days of Music

    From child life, Vek loves music and singing. He used to keep on copying or singing the music from childhood. For a time he focused on enhancing his music. 

    Influenced by his elder brother Vek shows interest in rock music during his child life. After that, he develops a knack for pop and punk rock. Because of this in Class 8, he gets auditioned for Child Program (BalKaryakram) in Radio Nepal at that time. 

    Luckily he gets selected for that and records his first song there. During that period he learned to play the guitar and other musical instruments. 

    After that, he started to perform stage performances in different programs and features. He performed his 1st start in his college days.

    Vek Age & Birth Information

    Bibek Waiba is from Kathmandu. He spends his whole childhood there. He was born in 1994, as of 2022 he’s running in the 28th year of his life.

    Vek Height and Physical Information

    vek singer biography

    While the height of Vek is 5 feet and 6 inches. Regarding his body weight then it’s around 65KG. Coming to her body colour then it’s White. While her Eye and Hair are black.

    Vek Physical Info
    Vek Physical Status
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Weight 65 Kg
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Colors Black

    Vek Marital Status and Partner

    When we talk about his relationship and the marital status of Vek, he is single. Regarding his relationship and Girlfriend, we don’t have enough information. That’s why he is still single.

    Coming to the hobbies then, he loves Singing, Travelling, and Writing.

    Vek Marital Info
    Vek Marital Status
    Marital Status Single
    Girlfriend Name n/a
    Hobbies Singing, Travelling, Dancing
    Favorite thing/Person n/a

    Professional Journey and Controversies

    vek singer photo

    Although he started learning to sing in his childhood the Voice of Nepal and after that, he get a stepping stone for his journey.

    The Platform – Voice of Nepal Season 1

    The singing shows like Voice of Nepal are one of the initial or steeping platforms for the almost rising singers. Because of this VEK also gets it as a Stepping stone to get uplift himself and get engaged with the audience.

    He gets participated in the 1st season of Voice of Nepal. He gets entry to Coach Deep by signing Despcaito’s song in Blind Round. For that season he is one of the most popular contestants with a large fan following. 

    Although he was not able to be Titled with Voice of Nepal Season 1 he got an opportunity to learn more about the music with well-known/ legend Coach/ singer Deep over that days.

     Kina – An Original Debut

    After breaking the journey of Voice of Nepal Bibek debut his 1st music in the industry. In his 1st Title Kina got enough positive feedback that leads him to go for further in his musical journey. With the collaboration with Classic X, he was able to build a good image among his Voice of Nepal fans.

    Kina is his 1st musick produced by StoneCutter. After this, VEK also works on other songs. Now, he becomes one of the rising Nepali pop singers/rappers and lyricists. 

     VEK Hits and Collaborations

    After his 1st Title Kina, he also works on another titled Eklai Jiuna Sikey. This title was the biggest steep for him that adds more flavor to build an image for Nepali music lovers. 

    Because of this, he used to get known by the Nepali audience. That song was also the reason and inspiration for him to give such hits of his life like Lai Bari Lai, Saayad, etc.

    Similarly, his collaboration with another rising singing star Yabesh Thapa is also great. They get combined for the song Mayalu where both of them add better flavor to it to make the audience happier. It was another hit for both singers.

    Now, he’s one of the established singers of Nepal who had contributed little more to the Nepali Music Industry. As fortunate, he started his musical journey in Voice of Nepal Season 1 and his song was sung in Season 3. 

    Besides, he had also collaborated with the Samriddhi Rai for the song Tha Cha featured by Swastima Khadka.

    Vek Profession Info
    Vek Profession Status
    Profession Singer, Writer
    Popular Song Lai Bari Lai, Saayad

    Her YouTube Channel and Social Profile

    VEK Used to be active on his Instagram rather than Facebook. We got his official Instagram account. Here he used to update the latest posts, photos, and Insta Stories of his album posters, program images, and many more.

    As of now, he has around 50K fans following on his Instagram with a following of 1K users.

    YouTube: Vek

    Subscribers: 261K

    Joined: Jul 26, 2017

    Facebook: Vek

    Followers: 16K

    Instagram: vek.official

    Followers: 20K

    Vek Net Worth and Salaries

    Vek’s income status is not clear. Still, we can expect his income from his YouTube source. On average, his average monthly payment is around 50-60K. In total, his net worth is about 5-15 Lakhs.

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    Vek Popular Song

    Some Facts About Vek

    • His Real Name is Bibek Waiba Lama.
    • He’s the semi-finalist of Voice of Nepal Season 1.
    • His song was sung on the Voice of Nepal Season 3.
    • He is popular for his song Eklai Jiuna Sikayeu.
    • VEK did his 1st recording at Grade 8 in Radio Nepal/
    • His collaboration with Yabesh Thapa results in Title Mayalu as a hit.

    Common Questions

    • Who is VEK?
      VEK is a singer and songwriter who started his musical journey from the Voice of Nepal Season 1.
    • What is the Real Name of VEK?
      His Real Name is Bibek Waiba Lama. He was inspired by his brother and shows interest in music since childhood.
    • Where is VEK from?
      VEK was born in Katmandu, he spends his childhood, learning and growing there.
    • Does Vek have a girlfriend?
      When we talk about his relationship and his marital status, Vek is single. Regarding his relationship and Girlfriend, we don’t have enough information. That’s why he is still single.
    • What is the age of Vek?
      One of the popular singer Vek age is .

    Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings that belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Instagram.

    My Views

    That’s all about Vek BiographyHere we include his height, age, weight, and personal details. Merobiography wishes for a bright future.


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