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    Durga Prasai Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Education, Wife

    Biography Of Durga Prasai: Everything About Durga Prasai

    biography of Durga Prasai
    Durga Prasai
    Birth: N/a
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 6″
    Birth Place: Jhapa
    Occupation: Entrepreneur
    Relation: Married

    About Durga Prasai

    durga prasai photo

    The BOD and Owner of B & C Medical College and Hospital Mr Durga Prasai used to be controversial due to his speech and interview. 

    He is also a member of the largest political party of Nepal, CPN UML (Communist Party of Nepal Marxist and Leninism). Also, Mr Prasai is the top Medical Person from Jhapa District. Read more here for Durga Prasai Biography.

    The Golden Stick (Sunko Lauro) gifted by the Crown Prince of UAE again makes him in trend these days. The news regarding the Golden Stick becomes viral and had a lot of controversies on it too. 

    As of now, the news regarding the Golden Stick Gifted by the UAE’s Crown prince becomes unrealistic. Yes, the news clears all of them are not real. Both the Golden’s stick and Crown Price are not real.

    Durga Prasai used to get dominated by many people because of his Harsh words. His speech and interviews are always to be Harsh and quite different from others. Professionally, he is one of the well-established Medical entrepreneurs from Jhapa. 

    His Real Name is the same as it is. He used to be on troll because of his Harsh statements and comments on others.

    In a recent interview after the event of Golden Stick, he criticizes some politicians, including the well know medical person, Dr Govinda KC. Similarly, Mr. Durga Prasai is a member of CPN UML.

    The news regarding the Jhapa Movement of the former PM KP Sharma Oli also hits the image of the public. Besides he had also spelled the family relationship with the Head of his party, KP Oli.

    Durga Prasai Biography

    Name Durga Prasai
    Date Of Birth nan
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Jhapa
    Occupation CEO and Medical Entrepreneur
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Current Address Jhapa
    Field Business
    Ethnicity Brahmin
    Religion Hindu
    Education Status up to class 8
    School n/a
    Net Worth n/a
    Income Not Fix

    Durga Prasai Family Info

    Durga Prasai Family Status
    Father n/a
    Mother n/a

    Durga Prasai Family

    Talking about the Durga Prasai family, we can’t find information now.

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    Durga Prasai Age and Birth Information

    Prasai was born into a rich businessman family with a humble background in society in recent years. Financially they are rich and the media has attention to him and his family from the beginning. Also, his family had high-profile political connections.

    Like another entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of B & C Medical college also used to keep his personal information private. Because of his Harsh words and officials he used to get an arrest warrant too.

    Durga Prasai Educational Background

    Coming to her educational background, he had just completed the 8th standard. Because of his misbehavior towards the teacher, he was restricted and quit his educational journey.

    It is said that he was restricted from school because of his misbehavior toward the teacher. He beat the teacher because of his anger.

    Durga Prasai Height and Physical Information

    durga prasai

    The CEO and Medical Entrepreneur Durga Prasai heights 5 feet and 6 inches. While the weight is 65KG. Coming to her body colour then it’s White. While her Eye and Hair both colours are Dark Black.

    Durga Prasai Physical Info
    Durga Prasai Physical Status
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Weight 65 Kg
    Eye Color Dark Black
    Hair Colors Black

    Durga Prasai Marital Status and Partner

    When we talk about his relationship and his marital status then it is stated that he is married.

    Durga Prasai Marital Info
    Durga Prasai Marital Status
    Marital Status Married
    Girlfriend / Wife Name n/a
    Hobbies n/a
    Favorite thing/Person n/a

    B & C Hospital: CEO

    B & C is one of the teaching hospitals for providing multidisciplinary health care services to the people. The founder of this hospital Mr Durga Prasai made it the 1st acute tertiary care hospital in Eastern Nepal. 

    As the founder and CEO of this teaching hospital, he aimed as recognizing the leading healthcare provider. He opened this Hospital in 2012 and promotes high-quality, ethical medicine for the public. 

    Although he had not done a higher degree he aims to make other dreams true by opening this Medical college. As the Executive, he focused to establish and promote collaborative partnerships between individuals, and families.

    Professional Journey and Controversies

    For an affiliation for his Medical progress, he was in controversies for using the political connections in a past. He had hosted the former prime minister (Current prime minister of that time) for launch and to get the political support to work as Medical Mafia.

    With the trend of turning the medical college into a business with political connections, Mr Prasai was also to be in the eye of the Medical Council. For this, he was controversial. This is the reason to issue the Arrest warrant against him in 2020.

    Similarly, he filed with Slander Charge at National Human Rights Commission for negative comments/ thoughts about the Nepali medical students living in Bangladesh. 

    He suggested the reason why Nepali female medical students took more years to complete their medical degree. By commenting on the reason he said the Nepali female medical students used to sleep or to be the victim of their professors.

    Durga Prasai Social Profile

    Likewise, every people Durga Prasai is also active on social media. We can check on his social media accounts like Facebook where he used to share his photos, videos, and his life moments in it. 

    Facebook: Durga Prasai

    Followers: 5K

    Durga Prasai Net Worth and Salaries

    Durga Prasai has accumulated a considerable amount of Net worth from his successful Career. However, according to the source, Durga Prasai’s net worth is under review as of 2022. His income is not yet fixed as he has a lot of heads.

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    Durga Prasai Interview

    Some Facts About Durga Prasai

    • He’s one the well-known Medical entrepreneurs.
    • He is the CEO and Founder of B&C Medical College.
    • Mr Prasai aims to take part in the upcoming Representative election for the Member of House.
    • An arrest warrant was issued for him because of his Harsh comments to Nepali medical students living in Bangladesh.

    Common Questions

    • Who is Durga Prasai?
      Durga Prasai is a well-known Medical Entrepreneur from Jhapa. He is the founder of B&C Medical college.
    • Why did he use it on Trend?
      Durga Prasai speaks a quite harsh words. His interviews and speech are always different and quite may not be well mannered. Also, because of his Political connections with the Medical college used to get in the eye of governmental departments. Also, his comments and thoughts towards others make him in trend.
    • Who is the founder of B & C Medical College?
      An Entrepreneur Durga Prasai is the founder and Executive head of this Medical College.
    • Where Durga Prasai was born?
      The birthplace of Durga Prasai was Jhapa.
    • Is Durga Prasai married?
      When we talk about his relationship and his marital status then it is stated that he is married.

    Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings that belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Instagram.

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    This is the Durga Prasai Biography, a well-known Medical Entrepreneur from Jhapa. Here we include his life’s controversy, medical and political connections, and family details.


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