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    4K Gaming Nepal Biography, Wiki | Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri

    4K Gaming Nepal Wiki: All About Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri

    biography of 4K Gaming Nepal
    4K Gaming Nepal
    Real Name: Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri
    Birth:14 June 1994
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 5″
    Occupation: Gamer
    Relation: Married

    About 4K Gaming Nepal

    pawan jung shahi thakuri

    Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri also is known as the 4K Gaming Nepal is one of the most popular live gamers of Nepal from the Surkhet. Pawan is one of the most active and intelligent online gamers of Nepal who use to share the live streaming of the game and grab the Nepali game lovers in a single unit.

    4K Gaming Nepal Biography

    Name Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri
    Youtube Channel 4K Gaming Nepal
    Date Of Birth 03/31/1994
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Surkhet, Nepal
    Occupation Gamer, Comedian
    Height 5 feet 5 inches
    Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
    School/College Shree Shiva Secondary School
    PUBG ID 556134011
    PUBG Clan United Mulato
    FreeFire Uid 2474341107
    Net Worth 20 Lakhs – 30 Lakhs
    Income 1 Lakh – 2.5 Lakh Per Month

    4K Gaming Nepal Family Info

    4K Gaming Nepal Family Status
    Father n/a
    Mother n/a
    Wife Laxmi Shahi Thakuri
    Daughter n/a

    4K Gaming Nepal Pc Species

    4K Gaming Nepal Pc Species
    Processor(CPU) Intel i7 8700 6core 8th gen
    Graphics Card(GPU) Gtx 1080 8gb
    Power Supply(PSU) 600W
    Storage SSD 256 GB/SATA HDD 1TB
    RAM 16GB/DDR4
    Case n/a
    Monitor MSI 144hz Curved Monitor

    Childhood & Education

    The Guy who was born in the lap of Surkhet is shifting in the heart of many Nepali gamers. He was born in the month of March 31st of the year 1994 as per the English date. If we convert the date in Nepal then he was born on 18th Chaitra of 2050 BS on the day of Thursday.

    As per the rare information we can find that he was interested in gaming since childhood. But the thing is that at that time he used to be passionate about the outdoor game. At that time there is not the development of technology as like now. So, he uses to think about gaming to enjoy and spent his childhood time.

    4k Gaming Nepal Family Background

    4k gaming nepal family

    Coming to the family we can find altogether 4 members. Beside him, he had a beautiful wife named Laxmi Shahi Thakuri, His father and mother. The family background of 4K Gaming Nepal was not financially strong as of now. Gaming and YouTube is only the way to get an income in his family. As per him now the whole family condition as well as compared to the before.

    He believes in a small family as a happy family. So, why he has a small family.

    4K Gaming Nepal Career

    4k gaming nepal biography

    He uses to work as a teacher in his carrier. At the age of 17, he used to teach the small kids in the school and academy. After that with the dream to get uplift in life he started to join the Korean language class. Luckily he got passed on the exam and finally moves to Korea where he spends his life’s more than 5 years there.

    Since childhood, Pawan was enthusiastic about gaming. Due to this, he used to work and take an interest in gaming in Korea’s life too. In his five years of life in Korea, he spends his last 6 months in gaming and lives to stream.

    For the gaming, he had sacrificed his job and come back to Nepal due to some problems related to finances. As per 4K Gaming Nepal, he used to pay the room rent of around 50 Thousand Nepali. So, we can think that it is really difficult to pay much higher rent for many of us. That’s why he has to face problems in Korea.

    Although he has to face the many problems in Korea he never stops live streaming and gaming. He uses to update on the Streaming day today.

    At that time he got a contribution of the different skimmers. As per him, many gamers gave him a time to grow followers and fans. In every circle, the gamers had played a vital role in growing the followers and subscribers of Pawan Jung.

    In today’s date, he also spent his time in gaming and streaming to grow the fans and followers. He is earning well from live streaming and supporting the family. So, finally, he is one of the most popular and successful gamers and live streamers of Nepal.

    He is popular and had already grabbed more than 200K+ Subscribers in his YouTube channel. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms that helps in uplifting 4K Gaming Nepal Financially and Publicly.

    And now he is also treated as the first Nepali popular gamer. Kanda Short Gaming Clip is one of the best clips that help to make him popular in the audience.4k gaming nepal monthly income is about 50K to 1.5 Lakhs monthly.

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    4K Gaming Nepal Relationship

    After coming back to Nepal he started his passion again and this time he aims to turn passion into profit by creating and growing the YouTube channel. Well, in that time she got married to a beautiful girl name Laxmee Shahi Thakuri.

    He is the husband of Mrs. Laxmee Shahi Thakuri and spending their life happily.

    4K Gaming Nepal Instagram

    You can find 4K Gaming Nepal active on different social media.

    You also can find the activeness of Nepali Gamer 4K Gaming Nepal on Instagram and Facebook too.

    4K Gaming Nepal YouTube

    You can find 4K Gaming Nepal live on youtube. 4K is live on youtube for daily 2 to 5 times. You can enjoy gameplay on youtube especially of pubg.

    4K Gaming Nepal Pc Species

    • 4k monitor 32 inch
    • Intel i7 8700 6core 8th gen 
    • Gtx 1080 8gb 
    • SSD 256 GB/SATA HDD 1TB 
    • Master cooler 
    • 16GB/DDR4 
    • 600W

    Popular Kanda Of 4K Gaming Nepal

    Some Facts Of 4K Gaming Nepal

    • He had again decided to go back to Korea after 5Years back in Nepal.
    • He is one of the most popular gamers and the first gamer of Nepal.
    • He is popular with 4K Gaming Nepal rather than his Real Name Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri.

    Common Questions

    Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings and belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Facebook.

    My Views

    4K Gaming Nepal (Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri) is one of the most and the first popular gamers of Nepal. He had contributed and grabbed the thousands of Nepali gamer lovers and gamers. It is really a great point in his life.

    Although he had to face the many problems in his life he never stopped in his passion. He uses to follow what he like so finally he got success and earning name and game in front of the Nepali audience. That’s why We can learn that To turn passion into profit is one of the biggest achievements of human life.

    At last, I wanna say “Hamro 4K Ramro 4K“. Comment below if you are also a fan of 4K Gaming Nepal.



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