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    Saugat Malla Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Movies

     Biography Of Legend Actor Saugat Malla

    biography of Saugat Malla
    Saugat Malla
    Birth:21 June 1976
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 7″
    Occupation: Actor, Producer
    Relation: Inrelation
    Birth Place: Nawalparasi, Nepal

    About Saugat Malla

    saugat malla biography

    Saugat Malla is a Nepalese actor, Producer & dancer also. He is a brilliant actor in Nepal. You can easily see his acting skill in some movies like loot, loot 2. Saugat Malla has many fans with Nepali movies, now many Nepali people know him in the film industry. Saugat Malla some popular movies Loot, Loot 2, Fateko Jutta, Dying candle, Kabaddi Kabaddi, etc. hit the Nepali film industry and earn a lot on Nepali film industry.

    Saugat Malla Biography

    Name Saugat Malla
    Date Of Birth 6/21/1976
    Real Name Saugat Malla
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Nawalparasi, Nepal
    Occupation Actor, Producer
    Height 5 feet 7 inches
    Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
    School Acting at Gurukul school
    Net Worth 50 Lakhs – 1 Crore
    Income 9 Lakh – 15 Lakh Per Movie

    Saugat Malla Family Info

    Saugat Malla Family Status
    Father N/A
    Mother Punya Mata Malla
    Wife not married
    spouse Shristi Shrestha

    Saugat Malla Movie & Awards

    Saugat Malla Movies & Awards
    Debut Movie Kagbeni
    Recent Movies Lappan Chappan 2
    Upcoming Movies Teen Jantuu
    Others Movies Poi Paryo Kale
    Hit Movie Loot, Loot 2, Kabaddi Kabaddi
    Awards Best actor in lead role at kamana Film Award 2072
    Awards DCine Award 2069 for best actor in lead role
    Awards National film award 2068 for best actor in lead role

    Childhood  & Education 

    Saugat Malla doesn’t have a certificate of degree because he has some interest in acting. When Saugat Malla completed his SLC examination. Then Saugat Malla joined the acting school which is Aarohan Gurukul Drama School at Kathmandu to start a journey on a film career. He didn’t join any higher education college to continue her study because he doesn’t want to study in his time.

    Saugat Malla Film Career

    saugat malla photos

    Saugat Malla already plays a different role in movies and Saugat Malla roled in all-time hit movies. If Saugat Malla plays in any movie then the movie is going to be viral and earn lots of money with his movie. He is already done +17 movies at this time.

    Saugat Malla debut movie is kagbeni this movie is directed by Bhushan Dahal. Saugat Malla’s all-time hit movies are Loot, Loot 2, Kabaddi Kabaddi, Fateko Jutta, Lukamari, Dying Candle, and others. If I talk about Saugat Malla’s earnings then he earned normally 8 to 13 lakh per movie as in 2020. Saugat Malla’s total net worth in 2020 is around 50 – 60 lakhs.

    Saugat Malla Upcoming Movies

    1. Macha Macha ( Saugat Malla new movie)
    2. Lappan Chappan 2

    Saugat Malla Movies List

    1. Kagbeni
    2. K yo Maya ho
    3. Dasdhunga
    4. Highway
    5. Loot & loot 2
    6. Chhadke
    7. Fitkiree
    8. Utsav
    9. Kabaddi kabaddi
    10. Jhyanakuti
    11. Kateko jutta & many others.

    Saugat Malla Relationship

    saugat malla wife

    Saugat Malla has a gorgeous girlfriend, Shristi Shrestha is the girlfriend of Saugat Malla. Saugat Malla and Shristi Shrestha in a relationship for a long time. You can also see on the Shristi Shrestha Instagram account they upload photos with him to show Shristi Shrestha in a relationship with Saugat Malla.

    Saugat Malla On Social Media

    Saugat Malla is also on Instagram he will upload some photos about him. Saugat Malla also shares photos with Shristi on his Instagram account. You can easily get Saugat Malla’s new photo on his Instagram account. You can easily get Saugat Malla Instagram account when you can search his name on Instagram. There are lots of Saugat Malla’s photos.

    Saugat Malla Popular Dialogue

    Saugat Malla Dialogue I Liked

    Kathmandu sahar, herda lagcha rahar… saala! giddhai gidda ko sahar… dimag laga, paisa khascha barara… haha kathmandu sahara…

    Saugat Malla From Movie Loot


    Some Facts Of Saugat Malla

    • Saugat Malla is a very shy actor.
    • Saugat Malla is a very forgetful kind of person.
    • If Saugat Malla wasn’t an actor he would like normal youth.

    Common Questions

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    My Views

    I hope you will love the biography of Saugat Malla and this biography may help you to remove your doubts about Saugat Malla’s life. I am really a big fan of Saugat Malla I try my best to give all information. Comment below what you wanted to add to our next post.


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