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Garima Sharma Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Biography Of Garima Sharma: Everything About Garima

biography of garima sharma
Garima Sharma
Birth: 25 October , 2001
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 3″
Birth Place: Chitwan
Occupation: Dancer, Tiktoker
Relation: Single

About Garima Sharma

garima sharma nepali actress

Are you the die-hard users of the most popular short-video platform, TikTok? Well, if you are the user of TikTok, then it is sure that you may have watched the music videos from the leading TikTok star, Garima Sharma. Sharma is one of the rising TikTok/ star of Nepal who has contributed several TikTok videos with lakhs of following on his channel/profile. So, here we are with you to know all about the Garima Sharma Biography.

Before the topic let me explain that the meaning of Garima. As per the Nepali dictionary, the meaning of ‘Garima’ shows Proudness. In fact, she will be the one Garima (Proudness) girl from Nepal in the upcoming days if she contributes the Nepali act and music videos.

The trend of Garima seems to increase day to day with his multi-talent and activeness in different fields. She is now active in the TikTok platform. Besides this, she is also getting an offer to play on the music videos. Because of this, she had played around 2 dozen music videos.

Her contribution and popularity by her are one of the mentionable for all Nepalese. This is because to have time to play several music videos and plays at the minimal age of life is one of the notable and surprising parts of life.

Garima Sharma Biography

Name Garima Sharma
Date Of Birth 10/25/2001
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Chitwan
Occupation Tiktoker, Dancer
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
Field Tiktok, Music Videos
Education Status +2 In Science, Bachelor Degree Running
School/College n/a
Net Worth n/a
Income n/a

Garima Sharma Family Info

Garima Sharma Family Status
Father N/A
Mother N/A

Childhood & Education

garima sharma education

The beautiful Baby Garima was from the Chitwan district. At her child age, she used to be quite a crazy girl. From her childhood, she seems very cute, simple, and ordinary girl.

When it comes to the education part, then from childhood her education was excellent. She used to attend the better ranking on the school examinations. Also, it is said that her mother is a Nepali teacher from the same school. Due to this her Nepali subject used to be excellent than others.

Also, her +2 Carriers was good. She said she had got a better improvement on her +2 Carriers. As to being a mother as a teacher, she got a better back effort for sharping the educational part. In another hand, she wasn’t able to get the full juice of enjoying on +2 carriers because her parents are the teacher of that school.

Garima Sharma On TikTok

Garima has used TikTok since 2019. From that time she used to play on a video over the music on TikTok. She said she used to get popular on TikTok after 2020.

In recent times she used to upload videos on TikTok just for a personal shake. Also, she was not used to gaining such popularity, view, comments, and fan following as now.

Umliyo Bhane Pokhincha’ and ‘Saal Ko Paata’ are the two played TikTok are the turning points of her in TikTok popularity. After the video, her popularity got a boost as like paid promotion.

Now she becomes one of the leading and rising TikTok stars of Nepal with enough fan following.

1st Music Video With Actor Pushpa Khadka

garima sharma biography

Within a short time, she has shared the screen on music videos with the different stars of Nepali music videos. From this year she had started her music video carrier and contribute the first music video with Popular music video actor/ Movie Actor Pushpa Khadka, the music video titled “Bhur Bhur Putali”.

Talking about Mr. Pushpa then he had played a number of music videos till now, and also he had contributed his act and talent to the movie too. Maruni is one of the mentionable movies played by the Actor Pushpa Khadka.

In fact, After TikTok, this music video is another way that makes to become more popular. This is the first music video played by her that stretches her popularity not over the TikTok World but also in the whole Nepali music industry.

After ‘Bhur Bhur Putali’ she had played a number of music videos with different actors like Paul Shah, Akash Adhikari, and many more. According to her, she had played more than 16 music videos to date.

Garima Sharma As A Multi-Talent Girl

I do not limit her talent on the TikTok acting and music videos. Besides this, she is also good at singing and speaking. In previous years she used to plan to attend the music class too for improving her music skill.

Likewise, she is good at public speaking. From childhood, she used to take part in different debates and public speaking activities. And also, she is good at dancing. She used to also participate in the dancing competitions at the time of different ceremonies and fairs & festivals.

Hobbies and Relationship

Garima is one of the biggest fans of Prem (Pradip Khadka). She used to love the Pradip Khadka much. For his love, she had made a TikTok video showing the big poster. Also, she has dreamed to share the first screen with Pradip in the upcoming days.

While in a relationship, she is still single. She is focusing on building the carrier and used to spend time on 3 original parts, music video, TikTok, and education.

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TikTok Fan Following

One of the most following Nepali TikTok creators is Garima Sharma. She is one of the most following creators from Nepal. She had got more than 300K fans following in her TikTok account.

Furthermore, she had shared several videos on her TikTok. In this platform, she is gaining a lot of fans following day today. At all, TikTok is the major platform and way that makes her be known by every user like you.

Garima Sharma New Song 2020

Some Facts Of Garima Sharma

  • Garima Sharma is just a girl.
  • According to Garima, TikTok is a parent that gives a chance to rise up in the acting field for everyone.
  • Pradeep Khadka is her Favorite Hero.

Common Questions

Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings and belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Instagram.

My Views

From the  Garima Sharma biography, we tried to clear all doubts of her lifestyle. It’s one of the glorious and proud points for all the Nepali to get a such multi-talent girl in our land. She is entertaining the thousands of Nepali with his sweet TikTok videos. So, hope her dream to share the screen with Pradip comes true. 



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