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    Sujan Chapagain Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend

    Biography Of Sujan Chapagain: All About Singer Sujan Chapagain

    biography of Sujan Chapagain
    Sujan Chapagain
    Birth: 07 March 1998
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Birth Place: Kathmandu
    Occupation: Singer, Music Composer
    Relation: Single

    About Sujan Chapagain

    sujan chapagain biography

    The music industry of Nepal is getting a fresh voice on a time-to-time basis. We are getting a lot of a fresh voice in your nation to add better ingredients in the musical industry. 

    This is the reason we are getting 100 and 1 percent singers in our Nepali Rhythm industry. Here we are with one of the rising music stars, not other than Sujan Chapagain Biography towards all Nepali music lovers and fans.

    The guy who has been able to get millions of views on his first music video with thousands of fan following is not other than Mr. Sujan. Although the musical journey of our favorite singer is more than decades, but his official journey begins from the first stage lockdown of 2020.
    Teenpatey – Dekhera Timilai was his first and most successful song till now which gives an opportunity to introduce himself throughout the 30millions Nepali. We can also call Sujan as a singer who achieved success in a single try.
    He is one of the leading and most expected singers who had already given 2 more trending and beautiful songs to Nepali music lovers. Want to read the Biography of Sujan Chapagain?

    Sujan Chapagain Biography

    Name Sujan Chapagain
    Date Of Birth 03/07/1998
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Kathmandu District
    Occupation Musician, Singer, Music composer
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
    School/College/University n/a
    Net Worth n/a
    Income n/a

    Sujan Chapagain Family Info

    Sujan Chapagain Family Status
    Father n/a
    Mother n/a

    Childhood & Education

    In an Interview anchored by Mr. Sandeep Chhetri Sujan Chapagain has claimed himself as a talented child. He was also good in his education part in childhood.

    He mentioned he used to work hard for his education. Also, as like the clean face of an unborn baby, his remarks towards the music were good.

    The Journey to the Music

    biography sujan chapagain

    Before the Pandemic of COVID-19 Sujan Chapagain was unconscious about the future. He used to get engaged in other tasks. For almost all people Lockdown becomes one of the worst moments of their life. 

    It means lockdown as a cruise, no progress, and achievement. Fortunately, the lockdown becomes the biggest weapon and the correct time for our singer Sujan Chapagain. Sujan Chapagain has released his first song during the period of lockdown.

    Finally, the song was not other than Teenpatey – Dekhera Timilai. Besides the song, its music video is also the key factor that makes the whole music video better than expected.
    Sujan has sing this song with Bidhya Tiwari. It is one of the most viewed music videos in 2020/21 as per YouTube Nepal. Similarly, he continues to give a fresh taste by adding new spicy to the music.

    As per the result, the next song Gala Pukka – Ma Fakauchu Bhanera Hola uplifts his personality to the thousands of youngsters.

    Besides this, he had also made participated in Nepal Idol. Although he was not won the title that year but this made an effective contribution to his musical journey.

    Sujan Chapagain Songs/ Music Videos

    sujan chapagain song

    • Teenpatey – Dekhera Timilai – 1.5M+ Views
    • Gala Pukka – Ma Fakauchu Bhanera Hola – 1.5M+ Views
    • LAJAYERA – 1M+ Views

    Hobbies and Relationship

    We have got the primary hobbies of almost all singers is to sing/ practice the song. In fact, we got the same nature in Sujan Chapagain too. He used to spend the leisure time composing, singing, etc.

    As more, he used to play mobile games and enjoy the home environment. He mentioned, he used to sing/ practice the songs of our legend Udit Narayan and Vocal King Late Narayan Gopal.

    In terms of relationship Sujan Chapagain had mentioned no hint, he is still single and not thinking of any such relationships.

    Sujan Chapagain Facebook and Social Followers

    sujan chapagain age

    We have got an official Facebook and Instagram of Sujan Chapagain. Sujan Chapagain is active in the social sites where he used to explore an update of the upcoming music, its status, and personal points too.

    Sujan Chapagain Song

    Some Facts Of Sujan Chapagain

    • The singer who got success in his first song.
    • He is a singer, musician, and music composer.
    • One of the famous singer in a short time.

    Common Questions

    My Views

    Within a short time to gain massive success and fan following is one of the biggest achievements for every person. But to get success in sign practice is not possible for every person.

    The powerful voice that touches the heart, mind, and lyrics is found on Sujan Chapagain’s Voice. This is the sole reason why Sujan Chapagain got success in his first steps. Personally, Sujan Chapagain is one of my favorite singer, wish and waiting for more beautiful songs in upcoming days


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