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    Bhim Bista Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend

    Biography Of Bhim Bista: All About Cute Singer Bhim Bista

    biography of Bhim Bista
    Bhim Bista
    Birth: 22 February 1997
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Birth Place: Tikapur, Kailali District
    Occupation: Singer, Model
    Relation: Single

    About Bhim Bista

    The rising singer and youngest musician from Nepal are not other than Bhim Bista. He is one man with a fresh voice in the Nepali musical industry. Although he is a fresh voice in the Nepali music industry, he was active in the Nepali music field as a musician for some years. Here’s the Bhim Bista Biography.

    As with the number of new entries in the Nepali music industry we have got another talent and best singer that already contributed us some trending and superhit songs. Here we are with the biography of Bhim Bista.

    Nowadays, the attraction of almost all the users and Nepali audience is based on the musical part. Because of this, we are getting a hundred and one new singers in Nepal. From the crowd of several singers from our nation, Bhim Bista is also one of the favorite singers of many audiences like you.

    After contributing to the number of music for the songs, he started his journey from the musician to the singer. The progress from music man to the singer is really profitable for him. Although it was profitable for him, the struggle can’t be possible to mention on the word.

    Bhim Bista Biography

    Name Bhim Bista
    Date Of Birth 02/22/1997
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Tikapur, Kailali District
    Occupation Musician, Singer, Video Model
    Height 5 feet 7 inches
    Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
    School/College/University n/a
    Weight 60KG
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Black
    Religion Hindu
    Net Worth n/a
    Income n/a

    Bhim Bista Family Info

    Bhim Bista Family Status
    Father n/a
    Mother n/a

    Childhood & Education

    Still, the childhood life of Rising Star Bhim Bista is unclear. He spent the child’s life in the own area, Tikapur, He was from western Nepal and the childhood life was like normal children’s life.

    He grew up in the Tikapur area of the Kailali District. Overall, the child-life of Bhim Bista was normal and good to say.

    From the same area, he had completed the school-level education. During his previous school life, he was a normal student and obedient too. We can’t find whether he was passionate about music from that time or not.

    But as per the date, we have found he is actively passionate about the musical part. He used to go for the music life and always on the mode of making music as a part of the journey. That’s the reason to get success with superhit songs to us.

    The Youngest Musician of Nepal

    Do you know, the youngest musician of Nepal? Bhim Bista is the youngest musician of Nepal now. It is said that he started his journey on adding the music for the songs a few years back.

    So, although Bhim Bista is a new name for the listener and music lover, his contribution was from the recent time. Yes, from only a few times he is active to give identity to all the Nepali music lovers.

    Before going to the singing part he was the musician and works on adding the music track/ instrument, lyrics, etc. Till that time he was not a respectable and recognized name as like now.

    Bhim Bista Carrier: Music, Lyrics, and Voice

    When we got him as the singer and model on some popular music videos, then only we can know about him. Until this, he was the unknown man for many of us.

    After a lot of struggles, he could be a musician. After being a capable musician, he had provided music too many super-hit songs. Among the various songs, music by him “Simple Dimple” is one of them. In this song, Mr. Bista has given the music to make the song better.

    With an aim of giving a fresh voice to the Nepali music industry, Bhim sang a song himself. The first song sing by him is Mineral Water. It’s rare to get a success on the first word, but he got.

    Besides the success of Mineral Water, he continues singing on other songs too. Because of this, we have got the superhit and onetime trending songs like Chamcha Pilet, Pani Pahero, etc.

    Although he had given music on many songs, sing himself the audience could not still believe him. He was not believed as the singer, musician of those superhit songs.
    Because of this, he played on the music video on his own songs to prove as “I Am That Man”. It’s one of the quick success and struggle journey stories of his life on getting this level of popularity.

    Songs by Bhim Bista

    • Mineral Water
    • Chamcha Pilet
    • Pani Pahero
    • Rayban Chashma
    • Music On
    • Junko Saathi Tara
    • Simple Dimple
    • Jale Rumal

    Hobbies and Relationship

    Almost all the singers and musicians same hobbies. As like other 90% singers and music man his hobbies on singing, traveling and reading books.

    In terms of his relationship, we can’t find any such notable and mentionable point.

    Social Fans of Bhim Bista

    We can’t find Bhim Bista active on social platforms. Although we have got some Facebook Page and one Instagram profile, the number of followers is lower.

    Bhim Bista Viral Music Video

    Some Facts Of Bhim Bista

    • Bhim Bista is the youngest musician in Nepal.
    • He is a singer, musician, and model.
    • The musician is the schooling of Bhim Bista.

    Common Questions

    My Views

    Sometimes to get success and popularity we have to focus and upgrade ourselves on multiple niches. The success of everyman is only possible after getting the practice on it with passion.
    Because of this passion and hardworking, he starts the musical journey as a musician then singer, and finally model. After the 3 stages, he could prove himself as one of the rising star of the Nepali Music Industry.


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