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    Sushant Pradhan Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend

    Biography Of Sushant Pradhan: Everything About Popular Fitness Icons

    biography of sushant pradhan
    Sushant Pradhan
    Birth: 29 June 1992
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 7″
    Birth Place: Kathmandu
    Occupation: Fitness Writer and Public speaker
    Relation: In relation

    About Sushant Pradhan

    sushant pradhan biography

    One of the popular fitness icons of Nepal Mr. Sushant Pradhan is popular with his skills. He is one of the leading fitness coaches, trainers, and public speakers of Nepal. The majority of his days spends on the gym workout and on vlogs. So, let’s know more about Sushan Pradhan Biography.

    Sushant Pradhan Biography

    Name Sushant Pradhan
    Date Of Birth 06/29/1992
    Nationality Nepali
    Religion Hindu
    Birth Place Kathmandu
    Occupation Fitness coach, Fitness Writer and Public speaker, vlogger
    Height 5 feet 7 inches
    Current Address Biratnagar
    Field Fitness coach and vlogger
    Education Status Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Management, Prime College
    Hobbies Gyming and listening Music
    School/College n/a
    Net Worth n/a
    Income n/a

    Sushant Pradhan Family Info

    Sushant Pradhan Family Status
    Father N/A
    Mother N/A

    Childhood & Education

    On the 29th of June Sushant was born in the capital of our nation. As most of the child, also spent their childhood living in the same city. His childhood life was good.

    As being a child from an excellent family he could get all the requirements for running the childhood life happily. But he was a frail kid. In that, he used to be a very lean and thin child.

    Regarding education, he had completed a Bachelor’s degree in the faculty of management with Business Information from Prime college of the city.

    Sushant Pradhan Career 

    sushant pradhan and sisan baniya

    In another hand, he was too skinny. For this reason, he found the workout as the option that may help him be normal and strong. With this concept, he joined the fitness house.

    Finally, he made himself strong and healthy. He started his own gym center in the city. As per information, he is running the Physique Workshop gym center in Kathmandu, which is one of the popular gym centers.

    Here he used to spend his morning time. He gives training and guides to the new gymers in his workshop. While on days he also used to give the fitness speech to the audience to make a healthy body.

    Sushant Pradhan YouTube Journey

    biography of sushant pradhan

    Apart from this, he is also active in vlogging. In fact, it’s one of how magnifies his popularity and made well known to him.

    In 2018 he joined YouTube and uploads workout videos. With a lot of positive responses, he continues to upload the videos. Besides the workout, he also uploads traveling, adventure, and tour videos on his channel.

    YouTube: Link, 50K Subscribers

    Hobbies and Relationship

    sushant pradhan girlfriend

    The primary hobby of Gymer Sushant is gyming. From childhood, he used to think something next about gyming. Because of this he loves gyming and becomes Gymer.

    He makes Gym as the profession of his life. After Gyming, he uses to love listening to music. He spends the gym period with the music.

    It means the combination of both Gym and music makes Sushant a professional Gymer.

    When we point out the Biography of Sushant Pradhan, then we got the relationship of him with the onetime famous model (Miss Nepal) Malina Joshi. As per the original source, he used to spend time with her. It means they are in a relationship.

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    Social Fan Following

    Sushant is also active on his social profile. Mainly we got him active on Instagram. On Instagram, he had more than 20K fan followers. On his Instagram he used to upload the travel tour, workout photos regularly.

    Instagram: Link, 20K+ Followers

    Sushant Pradhan Vlogs

    Some Facts Of Sushant Pradhan

    • Sushant Pradhan is just a boy.
    • He is the boyfriend of the most popular model/ actress Malina Joshi.
    • He is one of the popular Gymer of Nepal.

    Common Questions

    Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings and belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Instagram.

    My Views

    To stay healthy and impress the girls the bodybuilding becomes one of the key points for every boy. On the point of health to it is good to work out. As being Gymer and gym trainer he is training the new Gymers to make them healthy and happy by making money too from this profession.

    We hope his life will get more valuable in the upcoming days. This is all about the Sushant Pradhan biography. Comment below if we missed anything.


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