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Mahesh Maharjan Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend

Biography Of Mahesh Maharjan: Everything About WBPF Championship

biography of mahesh maharjan
Mahesh Maharjan
Birth: 22 December , 1990
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 8″
Birth Place: Kathmandu
Occupation: Body Builder, Fitness Trainer
Relation: Single

About Mahesh Maharjan

mahesh maharjan biography

With 17 years of struggle, he was able to win the title of WBPF Championship. He is one of the professional bodybuilders and fitness trainers from Nepal to see such a mass body. 

His deep confidence and regular practice were only the power to him that makes him successful in his career. He is Mahesh and we are on Mahesh Maharjan Biography.

Mahesh Maharjan is another icon star for many of us. He is one of the leading and well-known bodybuilders of Nepal.

In previous days he had already achieved the honorable title in his field. He is the man of struggle. 

Because of the different reasons he had to choose a different profession. Anyway, with confidence and regular practice, he made happy to all of Nepali and records the name as Popular bodybuilder and Gymer of Nepal.

Mahesh Maharjan Biography

Name Mahesh Maharjan
Date Of Birth 12/22/1990
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Kathmandu
Occupation Body Builder, Fitness Trainer
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
Religion Hindu
Field Fitness Trainer
Education Status Bachelor’s Degree
School/College n/a
Net Worth n/a
Income n/a
Hobbies Art, Photography, and Travelling

Mahesh Maharjan Family Info

Mahesh Maharjan Family Status
Father N/A
Mother N/A

Childhood & Education

mahesh maharjan awards

As being from the Middle-Class Abayi his childhood life was average. As we all know, the problems, happiness, and the level of the MCA family are equal. For this reason, his child’s life was normal. In terms of family, he mentioned his father is more supportive and a way of inspiration in every step of his life.

With grew up he joined fitness and bodybuilding. From the year of 1997, he started bodybuilding. During this, he was in his teenage life.

Regarding academics, he had completed a Bachelor’s Degree from the Management faculty. Overall, his childhood and education life were average.

Mahesh Maharjan  Career

mahesh maharjan body builder

Mahesh never thinks that he will be a successful and well-known Gymer and winner of such a competition. Because of financial problems in the family, he has to join a different profession with the time.

Because of the deep interest and fondness for fitness and bodybuilding he uses to continue this practice. Although he aims at continuing in this practice he needs to think about the family and career.

To maintain his daily life, he worked in a different profession. He started the profession from swyambhu printing house to Mero Mobile (Ncell) call center in his life.

Within a short time, he did many professions to run his life. Sadly, all this profession didn’t change his life. This is the reason that he never stopped training at that time too.

Finally, with regular training and self-confidence, he made all the Nepali believe he had to achieve the title of WBPF Championship with the first Gold Medal.

Now he is well known as a professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer in Nepal. He is also the Titleholder of “Dharmashree Body Building”, 50th ABBF & 10th WBPF Gold Medalist.

Mahesh Maharjan Achievements

mahesh maharjan wikipedia

He is the championship of Nationwide Bodybuilding of the year 2015

He is the championship of 50th Asian bodybuilding in 75KG

Hobbies and Relationship

Maheshow Maharjan loves art and painting much. Besides art and painting, he used to spend his time traveling. As more of the photography is also the passion of his life.

In points of the relationship, he had revealed no information. Nor does any source provide information regarding the relationship of Mahesh Mahajan.

Social Fan Following

Although he is active in social media, we can’t find enough and mentionable fan following. After research, we have found his official Instagram id.

Instagram: Link, 5.5K+ Followers

Mahesh Maharjan | Gold Medalist/Asian Body Building | What The Flop |  Show

Some Facts Of Mahesh Maharjan

  • Mahesh Maharjan is just a man.
  • He is the first Nepali to won the championship of WBPF Gold medalist.
  • We also know him as a Body Builder Championship of Nepal.
  • He is the titleholder of the 50th ABBF.

Common Questions

Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings and belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Instagram.

My Views

“19 years of my hard work and dedication bodybuilding and fitness profession, thank you all for your wholehearted support, best wishes”. This was the status he shared after winning the title of WBPF Championship.

He had done a monumental task that makes the name of our nation well known to the entire world. Also, he proves the self-confidence and regular practice can make it possible for impossible too. So, a salute and well wish for him.

This is all about the Mahesh Maharjan biography, comment below if we missed anything on his biography.



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