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    Ranz Kyle Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend

    Biography Of Ranz Kyle : Everything About Handsome Chocolaty Dancer

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    Ranz Kyle
    Birth: 6 May 1997
    Nationality: Philippines
    Height:5′ 3″
    Birth Place: San Juan City
    Occupation: Dancer, YouTuber
    Relation: In a relationship

    About Ranz Kyle

    ranz kyle girlfriend

    Ranz Kyle Viniel Evidente Ongsee better known as Ranz Kyle is a very handsome chocolaty dancer, choreographer, and YouTuber.

     He is famous for his very gorgeous looks and hot dance moves with his half-sister Niana. He runs a youtube channel with his step-sister Niana Guerro

    Born in the Philippines, he has accumulated a huge sum of fan base from the whole world. 

    He has mostly young followers who like his taste in the fashion and the choices of his dress. Whenever he uploads a new video it becomes sensational on the internet all over the world.

    Here we are with another artist who reveals his talent on the global stage and has to succeed to achieve huge fan followings. Let’s read out the biography of Ranz Kyle.

    Ranz Kyle Biography

    Name Ranz Kyle Viniel Evidente Ongsee
    Date Of Birth 05/06/1997
    Nationality Philippines
    Birth Place San Juan City, Philippines
    Occupation Dancer
    Marital status Unmarried, In a relationship
    Height 5 feet 3 inches
    Current Address San Juan City, Philippines
    Field Dancer, Choreographer, YouTuber
    Education Status Graduated from Don Bosco Technical College
    School/College n/a
    Debut Project Cover video on “I should’ve Kissed You’
    Hobby Dancing, Travelling, Videography, Adventure
    Net Worth n/a
    Income n/a

    Ranz Kyle Family Info

    Ranz Kyle Family Status
    Father Lanz Ongsee
    Mother Elcid Evidenre
    Siblings Siblings Chelseah Hilary Evidente Ongse, Natalia Guerro, Niana Guerro

    Early life, Education, and Family

    ranz kyle family

    Ranz Kyle was born on May 6, 1997 to Mr. Lanz Ongsee and Elcid Evidenre. He was an amazing kid since his childhood. He used to be talkative and very active in his childhood.

     He studied in Seed Montessori school in his hometown during his childhood. Then after he graduated from Don Boses Technical College, a technical college in  Mandaluyong, Philippines.

    Although he graduated from a technical university he ended up being a dancer and YouTuber after his graduation.

    Talking about his family, Ranz used to live with his mother 3 siblings, and step-father. His mother had married a second husband. He has 3 sisters one biological and two half-sisters.

     He was fond of dancing from an early age. And at an early age, a video of him dancing got viral on the internet and after that, he never looked back and choose his hobby as his career.

    ranz kyle mother


    ranz kyle photo

    From an early age, he was very active and fond of dancing. At an age of 14, he posted a cover video on Chris Brown’s song ‘I should have kissed you on the internet and within a short span of time world knew his name. 

    After getting so much positive reaction from the audience his parents also supported him to achieve his dreams in the field of dancing. His father admitted him to a dancing school where he used to train after his school. 

    Later he opened his own youtube channel on his name ‘Ranz Kyle’ and started uploading dance covers. He is mostly famous for duo dance with his step-sister Niana. 

    He is also known as half part of the dance duo Ranz and Niana. Both of them have millions of followers on the internet. Later he also became a member of the Dance Troupe Chicser which is a famous dance club of Philipines. 

    In recent times he just doesn’t post only dance and choreography but makes content on challenges, pranks, tags, and vlogs also. This shows that he is a challenging person and a follower of trends.

    Hobbies and Relationship

    ranz kyle girlfriends

    Ranz has hobbies of dancing, photography, modeling, traveling, and gym. He posts his traveling diaries on his Instagram regularly. 

    He also posts photos of his modeling on his Instagram. He also posts his dancing videos on TikTok also where he has millions of followers. 

    Talking about his relationship he says that he is in a relationship with Milissa Grande

    We can see the pictures of these two beautiful couples on Instagram. It is believed that they have been in a relationship for almost 3 years. 

    Fan Following

    Ranz has a huge fan following on the internet. This is the reason that every video he uploads becomes a sensation on the internet. 

    He has over 14.4 million subscribers on YouTube. On his Instagram account, he has 5.6 million followers. 

    He has also a Facebook page where he posts the news of his videos. There he has over 13 million followers. He has the least followers on TikTok which is 2.2 million. 

    On his youtube, he uploads his music videos along with pranks, challenges, tags, and travel vlogs. 

    Ranz Kyle Vlogs

    Some Facts Of Ranz Kyle

    • Ranz Kyle is just a boy.
    • He had uploaded his dance video when he was 14.
    • He is in a relationship with Milissa Grande.
    • His youtube subscribers have been growing rapidly and he has gained over 1 million subscribers in the last 4 months.
    • He is a dancer, model, and choreographer.
    • He is one of the youngest artists on the global stage who has huge fan followings on the internet.

    Common Questions

    Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings and belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Instagram.

    My Views

    From Ranz Kyle, we tried to clear all doubts of his lifestyle. At an age of 14, he posted a cover video on Chris Brown’s song & his father admitted him to a dancing school where he used to train after his school. 

    He has over 14.4 million subscribers on YouTube,5.6 million followers on his Instagram,13 million followers on his Facebook,2.2 million on TikTok.

     Comment below if we missed anything in the Ranz Kyle biography.


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