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Ramesh Prasai Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Song

Biography Of Ramesh Prasai: All about Ramesh Prasai

biography of Ramesh Prasai
Ramesh Prasai
Birth: 24 June 1993
Nationality: Nepali
Height: 5′ 6″
Birth Place: Taplejung
Occupation: Public Speaker, Singer
Relation: Married

About Ramesh Prasai

Although he is physically disabled he is one of the rising inspirations to all of the youths. Here we are talking about the life of Ramesh Prasai, the freedom public speaker of Nepal. Prasai is one of the leading RJ, VJ, and public speakers from Nepal who is capable to catch all the public with his sweet, motivational, and revolutionary, and social awareness speech. So, let’s read out all about Ramesh Prasai Biography.

The winner of ‘Public Speaker Season 2‘ Ramesh is one of the men of inspiration for all of us. Although he is physically disabled and not able to see this world he is able to attract the world towards him through social media. With the help of Social media, he is inspiring thousands of Nepali people like us. 

He is a man of Multi-talent. Yes, as we can see that he is good at singing, acting, etc. also beside public speaking. Here, Ramesh is a physically disabled man who is mentally strong than Normal people.

Talking about the basic bio of Ramesh Prasai then we can find that he was born in the Taplejung District of Province No. 1. And he was born on the date of 1993 June 24th. As per the 2021 1st quarter he is running at the end of his 27 years. Ramesh is a tall man with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. 

Ramesh Prasai Biography

Name Ramesh Prasai
Date Of Birth 01/24/1993
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Taplejung
Occupation Radio Jockey, Public Speaker, Social Activist, Singer
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Current Address Dharan, Nepal
School/College/University Durga Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Shree Purwanchal Gyanchakshu School
Net Worth n/a
Income n/a
Marital Status Married (December 08, 2020, with Nanda Singh)

Ramesh Prasai Family Info

Ramesh Prasai Family Status
Father Kedarnth Prasai
Mother Sabita Prasai
Wife Nanda Singh

Childhood & Education

As being a blind boy the life of Ramesh Prasai passed with many difficulties and troubles. He used to be hated by all the people and friends. As being physically disabled he used to be suffered badly from every people. 

Also, he was not able to go to school for gaining knowledge. In fact, due to his physical disability, he was backward in every step of his life. But after a time he decided and make his parents take him to school. After that, it is said that Ramesh was sent to the Jhapa for educational purposes. 

At first, he joined the Durga Madhyamik Vidhyalaya. After that, he joined Shree Purwanchal Gyanchakshu School and completed his Secondary School Level. Right now he is running on the Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.) final year (2020 Data).

Family Background of Ramesh Prasai

Talking about the family background of Ramesh then we can find altogether 4 members. Beside him, he has a father, mother, and wife. He married Mrs. Nanda Singh on the 8th December of 2020.

Weapon of Success

In fact, he was unknown among us before the Public Speaker Season 2. Before this popular show, Ramesh used to attend the small shows where he used to give the speech. And his powerful speech with strong heart touching, social awareness, and revolution speech is the real weapon that makes him go forward. 

Also, social media has played an important role in his success. Social media like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube plays an important role in making him known to all the Nepali.

Ramesh is the successful and most powerful public speaker of Nepali who is able to speak out all the facts. He is the man of social awareness and means of inspiration among us. Prasai has given a number of speech against the reputed people like Political leaders. Also, he is speaking and podcasting the major events which are held against Nepal, Nepali, and Good faith. 

Public Speaker Season 2

One of the biggest shows ‘Public Speaker Season 2’ is only that way that makes him be special among the thousands of Nepali. Yes, the first free speech given by him on the show makes him be noted in terms of all the viewers and judges too. 

In his first speech on that show the Senior Actor (As a judge) gives 19 points among the 20. This makes Ramesh to be inspired and works hard for the show. And finally, he was the man to won the title of “Public Speaker Season 2”.

Hobbies and Relationship

It is said that from childhood he used to be enthusiastic to learn something new. So, he is a man having a lot of curiosity in life. Singing songs, listening to the news, and music are the main hobbies found in Mr. Prasai. 

Ramesh has proved that to get love from anyone we don’t need to be handsome and look beautiful. To get loved by anyone the heart and his respect towards him prove it. That’s the reason why He is heartily loved by Mrs. Nanda Singh and got married on the 8th December of 2020.

    Social Fans of Ramesh Prasai

    As being a blind man he has not an official Facebook page. But we can find he is publishing his content and speech podcast through the online journalist. 

    Popular Ramesh Prasai Song

    Some Facts Of Ramesh Prasai

    • It is said that he used to tears from the Nose.
    • He won the Title of Public Speaker 2.
    • He is the fearless man who delivers his point of view and raises voices regarding political to regional matters.

    Common Questions

    My Views

    To get such multi-talent people from Nepal is one of the glorious points. Although he is physically disabled he is the real man to teach an important lesson to us. He is an inspiration not only for disabled people but also for the normal and the people who treat themselves as the powerful too. 

    While writing Ramesh Prasai Biography, I get motivated that even he was physically disabled he never gives up. Comment below if you like his biography and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.



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