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    Durgesh Thapa Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife

    Biography Of Durgesh Thapa: Everything About Durgesh

    biography of Durgesh Thapa
    Durgesh Thapa
    Birth: 22 May 1990
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 6″
    Birth Place: Sikkim, India
    Occupation: Dancer, Singer
    Relation: Married

    About Durgesh Thapa

    As morning shows the day childhood decides the future of us too. In fact, many people show their future from childhood activities. Among them, Durgesh Thapa is one. The child who used to love singing and used to enjoy Nepali folk songs makes him a professional singer. Here we are with the biography of Durgesh Thapa.

    Durgesh Thapa, the former Shoulder of the Indian army leave the recruitment due to the misbehaving and disrespectful behavior towards the shoulder by the officer. He joined the army with the force of his family but after a time he left it.

    From childhood, his interest is on singing and modeling. That’s why he never gets back although in a trouble to fulfill the dream.

    He is one of the well-known folk-pop singers from Nepal. We can find the use of the hard word and remix genre that makes his songs different from others. Yes, due to his own style of singing and performance he holds a different position in today’s Nepali music industry.

    His full name is Durgesh Thapa from Baglung Nepal and believes in Hinduism.

    Durgesh Thapa Biography

    Name Durgesh Thapa
    Date Of Birth 5/22/1990
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Sikkim, India
    Occupation Singer, Dancer
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
    Field Tiktok, Music Videos
    Education Status +2, Bachelor’s Degree
    School/College Secondary in Shree Janahit Mavi, Baglung, Intermediate White House International College, Bachelor Degree in Amrit Science College (BSC)
    Net Worth 80 Lakhs
    Income 200k/Month

    Durgesh Thapa Family Info

    Durgesh Thapa Family Status
    Father Hem Bahadur Thapa
    Mother Pabitra Kumari Thapa
    Sister 2
    Brother 2

    Durgesh Thapa Educational Background

    Although he was born in India he spends his childhood here. It means, his educational journey was also from here. Yes, he completed his Secondary School Education from the Shree Janahit Mabi in the same district.

    After that, he joined the White House College for an Intermediate education. Similarly, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (BSC) from Amrit Science College.

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    Durgesh Thapa Age and Birth Information

    As of 2022, he is running on the 31st of his age. He was born on the 22nd of May 1990. He is a well-known singer from Baglung District who had a deep interest in music since childhood.

    Coming to his birthplace, he was born in the Sikkim, West Bengal State of India. He spends some years of Childhood there. After that, he departs to Nepal with his mother. In Baglung District he spends the majority part of his childhood with his mother and other family members.

    Durgesh Thapa Height and Physical Information

    As we can see, he is fit and fine with a light heavy body. He is a physically fit and energetic star, model, and singer in the Nepali entertainment industry. He heights the 5 feet and 6 inches with the weight of 70kgs.
    Durgesh loves to color his hair grey and brown colors. In fact, his hair color is Brown and his eye too.

    Durgesh Thapa Physical Info
    Durgesh Thapa Physical Status
    Height 5 feet 6 inches
    Weight 70 Kg
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Colors Brown

    Durgesh Thapa Marital Status and Partner

    Durgesh got married to the Prachi Lama. His married life is okay. He married Prachi a few years before. Now they love together in Kathmandu. Besides the family, he seems always active in the Nepali music industry.

    Coming to the hobbies then he Singing, Travelling, Dancing and Acting.

    Durgesh Thapa Marital Info
    Durgesh Thapa Marital Status
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Prachi Lama
    Hobbies Singing, Travelling, Acting, Dancing
    Favorite thing/Person n/a

    Professional Journey and Controversies

    He spends his childhood by Humming the Folk song in the lap of Baglung. But his musical journey was not easy as we think. He has to cope with the different challenges and obstacles to get this success.

    After leaving an army job he made the family member hopeless. So, the family gets not interested in him. That’s the reason he had to leave his home and move to Kathmandu.

    With his elder father’s song named Basanta Thapa‘s recommendation, he shift to Kathmandu. Here Basanta Thapa was the biggest inspiration in his life. But to live the work and money are mandatory. For this, he had to work hard to make money. During this phase, his life was in a miserable stage.

    In the initial days, he used to work as a side dancer at a low rate. But still, he works until he achieves the goal. Finally, he debut in Music Video titled, Jun Le Matra Dekcha.

    Also, officially he sang his 1st song titled, Mudda Haldinchu. Now he comes a well-known singer and model. In a short time, he played more than 2.5K Music videos and sang 25+ songs.

    Durgesh Thapa Professional Info
    Durgesh Thapa Professional Status
    Debut Song Mudda Haldinchu
    Debut Music Video Jun Le Matra Dekcha
    2nd Music Video Maya Layera K Bho
    Debut Movie Makhamali
    Popular Songs Dukha Parda Gun, Ki Durgesh Jail Ma, Chhoto Mini Skirt, etc.
    Awards Best Model of the Year 2070 (Bindabasini Musical Award) from song Hasna Sikayo

    Durgesh Thapa Net Worth and Salaries

    He performs many live concerts and programs in different parts of the country in a regular way. So, he is an active singer who used to love to sing to the audience all over the country. That’s the major source of income for him.

    Durgesh Thapa earns around 2 Lakhs per month for YouTube, Recording, and Concerts. Where his net worth is 80 Lakhs.

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    Durgesh Thapa New Song

    Some Facts About Durgesh Thapa

    • Police have arrested singer Durgesh Thapa in Paul Shah’s case. 
    • Singer Durgesh Thapa is often controversial.
    • The birthplace of Durgesh Thapa is in Sikkim.

    Common Questions

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    That’s all about Durgesh Thapa’s Biography. Here we include his height, age, weight and personal details about him.


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