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    Smita Dahal Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Songs

    Biography Of Smita Dahal: Everything About Singer Smita

    biography of Smita Dahal
    Smita Dahal
    Birth:14 January 1998
    Nationality: Nepali
    Height:5′ 3″
    Birth Place: Kathmandu
    Occupation: Singer
    Relation: Single

    About Smita Dahal 


    From the Political family, we can get a new voice in the Nepali musical field. Now it seems that Dahal’s family is not only limited to Politicsas a carrier and almost all the things. Here we are talking about the rising star Smita Dahal. And we are here with the biography of Smita Dahal.

    Nowadays we are listening to the new voice in the Nepali music industry which is attracting all the listeners and music lovers like you and me. Smita is the new entry in the Nepali music industry who had to gain better feedback on his singing passion.

    Smita comes with the sweet voice that there’s no doubt to say she like the girl having a sweet voice. With time nature has introduced the new voice girl in Nepali music. Not only his sweet voice but also she is beautiful in his physical appearance. It means that as like her voice she is more to mean beautiful in the physical body.

    Smita Dahal is a young girl with such a great passion for singing. As per some information she was passionate about singing and use to sing from his uncleared word (childhood with unclear voice). So, it’s clear that your favorite music rising star Miss Smita is made for singing.

    Smita Dahal Biography

    Name Smita Dahal
    Date Of Birth 01/14/1998
    Nationality Nepali
    Birth Place Kathmandu
    Occupation Singer
    Height 5 feet 3 inches
    Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
    School/College Kathmandu College of Management, Ullens College
    Net Worth 5 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs
    Income 70 Thousand Per Month
    Highlights Prachanda’s Granddaughter
    Religion Faith Hinduism

    Smita Dahal Family Info

    Smita Dahal Family Status
    Father Jeevan Acharya
    Mother Ganga Dahal
    Sister n/a

    Childhood & Education

    biography of smita dahal

    Regarding childhood and her education part, we are not getting more to know. But here we are with some rare information on this topic. As per the source she used to go to the GEMS School for her secondary education level. Besides this, she Studied at Ullens College.

    After that, she is running her Bachelor’s level from the Kathmandu College of Management. Therefore, the educational part of her is okay and going on the progress.

    Moving towards her childhood then it is said that she used to love singing from that time. She is fully passionate about music. Due to this, she used to start singing from her baby age. With her study and other daily management, she used to give some time for making herself engaged in the music. Due to this her mother and other family members support and recommendations for moving towards the musical part these days.

    Need to Know, Prachanda’s Grand Daughter (Natini, Devanagari Word)

    smita dahal family

    The most powerful and the most successful political leader of Nepal Prachanda’s family contribution to the nation is wider than mentioned. Many of us used to think that the contribution of his family is only limited from the Political way but now it’s wrong to say. Because the time/ nature has introduced the Smita in Dahal’s family to contribute Nepal and Nepali music from his sweet voice-over singing.


    smita dahal age

    Smita used to inspire to sing after listening to the song of legendary singers. So, intending to learn the music she meets Saroj Oli (Singer) and he loves her voice. Due to this on the recommendation of Saroj Oli, she got a chance to record her first song, “Thari Tharki Ka Phool Haru” composed/ written by Chetan Sapkota.

    After that, she continuously focuses on singing and used to give more time to it. Due to this, she got to contribute more music to the Nepali Music Album. A few months ago she has given the lovely and best listening song Titled as Mayale Malai Bolayo Featured opposite with Salon.

    After the huge popularity and positive comments, she came back again with the new song Titled as Malingo Ft. Rajesh Hamal. She sang this with Rajan Raj Shiwakoti in the opposite (in the female line). This song is created (lyrics) by Sunita Nepal Subedi, Music by Rajan Raj, created on Prism Studio.

    Hobbies and Relationship

    smita dahal photo

    Besides singing she had also other hobbies like other normal men. She used to love spending time with family and friends. Besides this she is a very sensitive girl and believes in talent but not in power and source. Due to this, she used to be more proud to be the singer as the means of popularity but not as the family members of the Leading political man.

    Talking about family status then she said that all the family members used to motivate her for climbing the more steps of the success ladder. Also, his Grand Father is supporting and motivating her for further line.

    Social Fans of Smita

    After providing beautiful songs to Nepali music lovers she is gaining the new fans following in her social profile day today. We can find her Facebook following and Instagram following increasing day today. Mainly she used to post her daily life updates on her social media to make her fans to be more engaged.

    Smita Dahal New Song 2020

    Some Facts Of Smita Dahal

    • Comes from a Political family but moves to the musical part.
    • She believes in a personal capacity but not in power and source gained.
    • Smita Dahal’s grandfather is Pushpa Kamal Dahal. (Prachanda).

    Common Questions

    Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings and belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Facebook.

    My Views

    Although she was from a political family she neglects these all and chooses music as a passion and part of life. It’s one of the great examples that prove there is no need to follow every work step followed by our forefathers in life. Our life is controlled by our decision but not by our parents. That’s why we all need to welcome the new singers who are want to contribute to the Nepali music lovers. Comment below if I left something on Smita Dahal biography.


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