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Prabin Bedwal Biography | Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Facts

Biography Of Prabin Bedwal: Everything About Prabin

biography of Prabin Bedwal
Prabin Bedwal
Birth:6 May 1997
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 7″
Birth Place: Bardiya, Nepal
Occupation: Singer
Relation: Single

About Prabin Bedwal

prabin bedwal right hand

Prabin Bedwal is one of the Bachelor Holder in music from Bardiya district having a beautiful achievement in the Nepali music industry. Bedwal is one of the futures expected and trending musical singers from Nepal. Here we are going to mention all about the Biography of Prabin.

He was born on the 6th of May of 1997. His birthplace of his is Bardiya District of Nepal. Now as per 2020 he is running had completed the 23 years of his life. His main occupation is as per the current data singing. He is spending his days with the primary task of singing.

Prabin Bedwal Biography

Name Prabin Bedwal
Date Of Birth 05/06/1997
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Bardiya, Jhapa
Occupation Singer
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
School/College Tri-Chandra Campus, Kathmandu/Bachelor in music from Tamil Nadu, India
Net Worth n/a
Income n/a

Childhood & Education

prabin bedwal biography

Like normal people, his life was also normal in the past. He was born in the month of May in the year of 1997. In childhood, he was a very cute guy. He uses to sing and play music fluently from his childhood. Like other children, his childhood of him was spent happily on Baridya.

Moving towards the education then till now, we can find that he had completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Tr-Chandra Campus of Kathmandu. In terms of education and qualification, he is ahead of many other singers of Nepal.

The education received by Prabin is not limited only to the Bachelors from Tri-Chandra College. Besides this, he had completed the Bachelor’s Degree on Music from Tamil Nadu State of our Neighbour Nation India.

Prabin Bedwal Family Background

As per the information, his father is an army man. As being army his father force, requested, recommend Prabin Bedwal to be an army. Although his father made a great force on him to be an army man as like him he Denies his father’s proposal.

From some source, Before going for the Musical Carrier Prabin had only two options from he had to choose one of them, Leave the music or Leave the family. Herewith the confidence and aim to do something on the musical carrier he had accepted the second proposal and go for the music

Prabin Bedwal Carrier and Obstacles

prabin bedwal photo

Before gaining such high-level popularity he had to face a lot of obstacles. He had faced a lot of hurdles and obstacles in the shake of making music as a carrier. As per the information we got his father used to be against his dream, Singing.

His father aims for him to make an Army man like him. Although his father wanted him to make an army man the passion of our Prabin is totally different from then. He uses to love peace, wants a musical instrument on hand rather than having a gun on hand.

Although he had chosen music as an option by kicking out the father’s proposal to become an army man he wasn’t able to gain success easily. In the initial days, his family didn’t use to show a positive response towards his carrier. Here we can find that when Bedwal was on the road of making music as a carrierhis family wasn’t behind him. Though he hadn’t get support from her father and mother his grandmom was fully supportive. He got full support from her Grandmother in the stage of making music as a carrier.

After that, he finally decides that music is part of life and moves toward pursuing the dream.

Prabin Bedwal Relationship

His main goal is still incomplete. Due to this his main priority on today’s day is also on music. He is spending the majority time of the day singing. So, he is not interested in such a relationship and still single as per current data.

Prabin Bedwal on Nepal Idol Season 3

biography of prabin bedwal

Like Rachana Rimal, he is also one of the best consistent from Season 3 of the popular reality show of Nepal, Nepal Idol. Prabin Bedwal is one such participant in Season 3 where he had won the heart of many Nepali music lovers.

The contribution made by Prabin Bedwal is unforgettable in the history of Nepal Idol.

Popular New Song Of Prabin Bedwal

Some Facts Of Prabin Bedwal

  • Prabin Bedwal turns his passion into the aim of life. He turns singing from passion to the part of life.
  • He has to leave the family due to the option of choosing the music rather than the family.
  • Before making the journey he was forced many times by his father to be an army like him.

Common Questions

  • What is the religion of Prabin Bedwal?
    Pradeep is from the Bardiya District of Nepal. As being the Nepali he is also following the Hindu Religion.
  • Does Prabin Bedwal have a girlfriend?
    Due to this his main priority on today’s day is also on music. He is spending the majority time of the day singing. So, he is not interested in such a relationship and still single as per current data.
  • What is the age of Prabin Bedwal?
    One of the best Nepal Idol 3 singer Prabin Bedwal age is .
  • Does Prabin Bedwal drink?
    Regarding this, we can’t find any information. Well as having the aim to be the best singer he is working hard for musical experiments. So, he may neglect such habits.

Note: All information is taken from Wiki/Youtube. If you wanna remove anythings and belongs to you please contact us before taking any action. Image Credit: Facebook.

My Views

Among the various ‘participants from Nepal Idol season 3, Prabin Bedwal is one of the favorites among many people. He had scattered the glory and love towards the fans of Nepali music lovers with his beautiful voice and songs.

This is all about Prabin Bedwal biography, comment below if I left anything left and I think all doubt about him cleared by this biodata.



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