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Wiffeyy Biography (Shreya Lama) Age, Profession, and Relationship

Wiffeyy is a PUBG Streamer who started Streaming in 2019. She is recognized for her subtle finishes in the game. She’s leading Team Wiffeyy since 2019 and has grabbed more than 135K Subscribers on her YouTube Channel. You can read the Wiffeyy Biography (Shreya Lama) to know more about her education, age, and relationship status.

By profession, Wiffeyy is a Streamer and YouTuber. She used to be active on Live Streaming the majority of the time. She’s another rising lady streamer who has been streaming PUBG with other Streamers since 2019.

biography of Wiffeyy
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 4″
Birth Place: Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation: Streamer
Relation: Single

Wiffeyy Biography

Wiffeyy real name is Shreya Lama Maharjan. She’s a Nepali girl born in Kathmandu on 3 March 2001. Shreya spent her childhood in Kathmandu but later moved to Israel for some specific reason.

Shreya moved to Israel in 2013, and after a few years, she got back to Nepal. As of now, she’s living in Nepal with her parents.

Biography of Wiffeyy

Real Name Shreya Lama Maharjan
Date Of Birth 2001/03/03
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation Streamer, Content Creator
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
Field Gaming
Education Status Secondary Level, Drop out the School
Hobbies Love Making New Friends on PUBG
Net Worth 50-70 Lakh

Wiffeyy Education and Early Life

Before moving to Israel and starting Streaming, she lived in Nepal with her family. She was born on 3 March 2001 and spent her life with her family.

Regarding education, she had passed the 9th grade and dropped out the 10th exam. She moved to Israel by skipping the Exam of 10th Grade. So, her education status is not vital till now. She’d dropped the School level. While these days, she’s planning to join the +2 to continue her education.

At an early age, she moved to Israel. During her life spending on there, although she had decided to Joined the school, she wasn’t able to get friendly with the school environment there.

Wiffeyy Profession

By profession, Shreya is a Streamer and YouTuber. She loves Streaming. She started to stream in 2019. these days she used to live in Israel. She started streaming the Live PUBG Battle on YouTube.

wiffeyy vlog

For this, she started to stream via a YouTube channel. Although she used to do some work in Israel, she spends her remaining time streaming the Live PUBG Battle.

Wiffeyy on YouTube

Wiffeyy joined YouTube on 17 August 2016. Her YouTube channel has received more than 7,291,133 views (as of 20 November 2022). On YouTube, she uploads live content and other battle videos.

You can get in touch with the Wiffeyy YouTube channel to watch her live Streaming.

Her Relationship Status & Hobbies

She hadn’t revealed anything about her relationship. As with many other streamers and celebrities, her personal life is hidden. She didn’t use it to expose her private life information to his subscribers and fan following. Besides the relationship, she mentioned her personal life status (especially her educational journey).

wiffeyy photos

Coming back to Hobbies of Wiffeyy, she loves making new friends. Wiffeyy loves making new friends on PUBG Battle. She had made several friends on Live Battle.

Wiffeyy on Instagram – shreyaisgreat

Her real name is Shreya Lama Maharjan. By profession, she’s a streamer. She has been popular for her fantastic gameplay on PUBG Battle. On Instagram, she had a good number of followers. The different countries she had been following with more than 40K followers.

wiffeyy photo

Her Instagram Account has received more than 40K Followers. At the same time, her following is around 450 people. Wiffeyy used to share her day out and lifestyle photos, reels, and status on her Instagram. 

On Instagram, she shared several beautiful photos of her life moments. 

Wiffeyy on TikTok – wiffeyy10

Shreya seems active on Social and streaming sites. Shreya had more than 80K Followers on her TikTok ID. On TikTok, she used to share her shorts, Videos, and status with her fan followers.

Some Facts about Shreya

  • Spiderman is her Favorite Super Hero.
  • Valiant is her favorite game after PUBG.
  • KurKure is her favorite snack while playing.
  • She had done the most extended stream of up to 10 hours.
  • She used to live in Israel.
  • She hadn’t completed Higher School yet.

Wiffeyy Net Worth 

Wiffeyy used to work as a Cashier in Israel. She hadn’t a specific profession, but she loves Streaming. She started Streaming in 2019 and making some money from it.

Streaming and YouTube is the primary source of Income for Shreya. She used to get passive Income from Live Streaming. The Income of Wiffeeyy is N/A, and her net worth is N/A.

Common Questions

Who’s Wiffeyy?

Wiffeyy is a leading streamer known for her subtle finishes in the battle.

What is the Real Name of Wiffeyy?

The real name of Waffeyy is Shreya Lama Maharjan.

Did Wiffeyy Complete the +2?

Still, she hadn’t joined the +2.


Wiffeyy is a recognized streamer for her subtle finishes in the game. She’s a rising, well-known streamer from Nepal whose real name is Shreya Lama Maharjan. This was the biography of Wiffeyy, where we included her age, profession, streaming journey, and personal life.

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