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Sooneeta Biography, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend

Biography Of Sooneeta: Everything about Gamer Sooneeta Thapa Magar

biography of Sooneeta
Birth: 25 April 1996
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 3″
Birth Place: Nepalgunj
Occupation: Gamer, Youtuber
Relation: Single

About Sooneeta

sooneeta biography

The contribution of women in every field is rare to see in our society. Although it’s a fact we can’t keep on holding this on today’s date. A good example is our Sooneeta. Sooneeta is one of the most popular Nepali ladies in the free fire community from Indian servers. She has contributed to the free fire community a lot. For this, we all are nowhere to read the real data and information about her. Check Sooneeta Thapa Magar Biography.

If you are a free fire player and used to spend time on gaming and viewing her live then it is sure you must know a lot of information about her. Because of this here we are for the complete information where we include his age, hobbies, boyfriend, YouTube Channel, Country, etc.

As per the latest date we have got she is running on her 25 years of life. She is honored as one of the first Nepali female gamers with a lot of subscribers on YouTube. She is the single female for Nepal for creating content over the free fire gaming community.
She is the first lady from Nepal and India too to get such popularity. Sooneeta is one inspiration for all female gamers and players. After reading his inspiration story you can change your life.
Mrs. Sooneeta used to narrate in Hindi like our other popular Nepali games. As with 2B Gamer, Tonde Gamer, she also used to perform live in the Hindi language. It’s one of the best ideas for unblocking the limitation of language among players all over the world.

Sooneeta Biography

Name Sooneeta
Date Of Birth 04/25/1996
Nationality Nepali
Real Name Sooneeta Thapa Magar
Birth Place Nepalgunj
Occupation Gamer, Free fire player, Youtuber, Vlogger, Live Streamer
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Current Address Nepal
Hair Color Black
Religion Hindu
Hobbies Dancing, Gaming, Modelling
School/College n/a
Free Fire UID 131311296
Net Worth 30- 50 Lakhs
Income 3.5 Lakhs – 4.5 Lakhs

Sooneeta Family Info

Sooneeta Family Status
Grandmother N/A
Father N/A
Mother Jal Kumari Thapa Magar
Sister (Elder/ Junior) Aneeta/ Pratiksha
Brother Suman Thapa Magar

Sooneeta’s Education

Sooneeta has completed her college-level education from one of the recognized universities of Nepal. She had done her bachelor’s degree from the Tribhuvan University. After completing the educational life, she seems active in the gaming field.

Sooneeta Family & Friends

sooneeta gaming

Sooneeta spends her life as a Joint family. As per the information we have got a total of 7 members in her family including her. We have got her grandmother, Father, Mother, 2 Sisters, and a brother in her family.

As being the modern type girl used to wear the modern dresses, used to live in a modern way. For this reason, she has the power to battle with anyone with a strong heart. From family too, she got extra freedom and always stands up for her support.

As we have got, the status of her family is normal and happy. There is no doubt in saying the middle class family is a happy family. She used to spend her life happily among all her family members. Also, all the family members are supportive and help each other.
Before the journey to gaming, they took part in one of the recognized fashion shows held in 2017, MISS TEEN +2. Although she wasn’t able to achieve the title, she got a new journey for making the future, it’s gaming.

Journey to Gaming

sooneeta thapa magar biography

To get success in the first practice was not a simple task for her. Because of this, Sooneeta could not gain a sufficient number of subscribers and achievement from gaming. In recent days, she used to spend more time and used to focus on gaming.

Although she had tried to get that success and popularity, she failed at it. Her YouTube journey was also not good. She could not achieve that success after a hard struggle too.
With time, she could finally get that mark of success. Now she is recognized as one of the biggest contributors to the free fire community.

Also, as a woman, her hardworking and success story will be an inspiration for all the ladies who are getting away from the path of success after unsuccessful.

The Biggest Gaming YouTuber (Female) – World Wide

sooneeta photo

From Nepal, we have got many online streamers like 4K Gaming Nepal, Tonde Gamer, 2B Gamer, etc. From the crowd of such popular live streamers, we have got her head. Although as being a woman her success ratio is higher than our other gamers from Nepal.

The story of success and popularity can’t be limited only to Nepal but also all over the world. If we talk about Indian Gaming Community, then she is one of the biggest gaming YouTubers. Yes, she is also the biggest female live streamer in the Indian Gaming Community.

When we moved towards her YouTube journey, she created the channel on 2017 2nd May. Within a year of channel creation with over 150 Videos, she was just able to get 50K subscribers.

If we measure this number of subscribers, then it is not a good growth ratio in the Indian gaming community (in Hindi voice/narrate). The major reason behind this is, she used to stream videos without showing them down on the screen.

Because of the slow growth, she streamed with showing the face as like now on streaming. After that, her YouTube channel got a proper boost. As a result, she could get millions of subscribers in a short time.

The Hindi Language is one of the major reasons for getting the number of subscribers worldwide. Around 4 years of contribution, she could establish herself as one of the most popular Garena Free Fire Players in the world.

Channel Name= Sooneeta
Subscribers= 3.8Million
Total Views= 26,72,50,000 (when we write her bio)
Because of this higher subscribers and success, YouTube has already provided the 2 Silver Play Buttons and 1 Gold Play Button for her.

Sooneeta on Instagram

Over the Instagram profile, we can find some attractive and cute photos of her. Rather than gaming, she used to upload her beautiful eye attracting photos. For this reason, we have got more than 285K followers on her profile.

She is one of the most popular female gamers to get this huge number of fans worldwide.

Hobbies & Relationship of Sooneeta

She is interested in Playing games. Besides the game, she is also active in utilizing the time for Dancing, Singing, Travelling, etc.

In terms of boyfriend and relationship, we haven’t got information about this.

Sooneeta Popular Video

Facts about Sooneeta

  • She is one of the biggest free fire content creators in the world.
  • She got 3 play buttons from YouTube
  • The first female from the Nepali gaming community.

Common Questions

  • How much Sooneeta earn?
    Sooneeta is one of the biggest free fire content creators. She earns around 4 lakhs NPR per month.
  • Is Sooneeta Indian or Nepali?
    Sooneeta is born in Nepal and lives in Nepal. So, she is Nepali. Although she speaks the Indian language we can proudly say we have the biggest female game in the Nepali gaming community.
  • What is the age of Sooneeta?
    One of the biggest female gamer Sooneeta age is .
  • What Sooneeta’s phone number?
    Sooneeta’s phone number is +977 9805302671 but this number is only for business purposes. Her private phone number isn’t public for her personal reasons.

My Views

I feel proud to write the Sooneeta biography of such a popular daughter of Nepal. The contribution and success got from Mrs. Sooneeta definitely win the heart of every mother. She is one of the biggest examples of inspiration for every Nepali and Indian lady who is willing to get success in her life.


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