Monday, September 26, 2022

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    Miruna Magar Slapped Lama Case

    Miruna Lisara Magar is a celebrity and actress in the most trending movies. Now she is in viral condition due to the controversy. She had slapped a lama on the civil mall hall.

    miruna magar slapped lama case


    At the civil mall hall, actress Miruna Lisara Magar slapped a lama dai in the case of touch and harassment. 

    Furba Tamang a Monk was there in the civil mall for watching the movie. The hall was full of a crowd and Miruna Magar slapped that monk in case he had touched her in a bad way. She insulted him in a bad way in front of the public.


    Now there are two parties in this case. They are:

    Miruna Lisara Magar is Right

    Due to her aggressive behavior toward the lama dai, many people who are feminists and support women have great support saying she is right and what she had done is a great step for women’s empowerment.

    Without any proof, many people are supporting her and many fans are also with her. In the interview, she told that the monk or lama dai touches her 3 times and at the last time he spank her and she slapped him. 

    There isn’t any proof that Lama Dai touches her. So these people are supported by seeing the interview of the Miruna Lisara Magar.


    Lama Dai should get Justice

    On this side, people are saying lama dai is innocent and Miruna Lisara Magar did this for the name and fame. Now, these people have seen a clip where there is another person touching her, and lama dai are far from her. 

    According to this clip, people are asking for justice for the lama dai. And many people are protesting in the hall for justice of lama dai. And you can find #lamadai on social media too. 


    My Opinion

    In my opinion, I don’t support both Miruna Magar and Lama Dai. I suggest the proper case study. And give justice to the victim. But some points I would like to say which is wrong while on this case.

    Some Points:-

    • Gautam Buddha is our pride and Buddhism is also the pride of the country. That Miruna Magar not just insulted Lama dai, she also insulted the Buddhism and the dress of lama which is the pride of the country by slapping. 
    • It’s normal to have a crowd at the hall, on buses, and in public places and some physical touches seem to be normal. “Nanu tme America ma basako ta xoinaau ni bhid vaaad na huna lai”. 
    • And if Lama hadn’t done anything, she mightn’t be insulting him as the film is running and she is also one of the reputed actresses.
    • One thing that is bad in our society is always always there is a boy or man always bad in terms of men and women. 
    • As Lama dai is a monk , he follows the peaceful way that’s why he may be silent and can’t defend himself at that moment.
    • Due to her, the whole film gets trashed which is negative for the Nepali film industry.
    • People are asking for closing a film Hall which is also not good at all.

    Note: Case Solved {Once again Case Opened}

    I think the police do the proper investigation of this case and have a proper justification for the victim.


    1. we need proper investigation ,my opinion lama brother has done nothing, there was misunderstanding,we need cctv full video, there are cctv in that hall,where she slapped him


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