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Kushal Pokhrel Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Kushal Pokhrel Wiki: All About Kushal

biography of Kushal Pokhrel
Kushal Pokhrel
Birth: 02 October 1997
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 7″
Birth Place: Biratnagar
Occupation: Youtuber, Comedian
Relation: Single

About Kushal Pokhrel

kushal pokhrel biography

The fastest-growing entertainment niche in this world is not other than comedy. Comedy is one of the mass entertainment for every one of us. Because of this to contribute to the nation by entertaining we got another new face. Here we are talking about the Biography of Kushal Pokhrel.

Kushal Pokhrel is one of the rising memes and comedians of Nepali. He is contributing to the Nepali entertainment world since 2017. We can find a lot of videos to watch from him on YouTube channel.

Nowadays, the memes and clips of his videos are getting more views and shares. This is the key reason that makes him one of the rising comedians and Youtubers of Nepal.

Kushal Pokhrel Biography

Name Kushal Pokhrel
Nickname Mr Grumpy
Date Of Birth 10/02/1997
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Biratnagar
Occupation Youtuber, Comedian
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Current Address Biratnagar, Nepal
Education Status Australian Harbour Intl College, Bachelor Degree
School/College n/a
Religion Hindu
Hobbies Playing, Photography, Vines and Vlog, Singing
Favorite Actor/Actress Saugat/ Priyanka
Net Worth 6Lakhs-10Lakhs
Income 50K-70K

Kushal Pokhrel Family Info

Kushal Pokhrel Family Status
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brother N/A

Childhood & Education

kushal pokhrel height

Kushal Pokhrel completed his academics from his home city. From childhood to the intermediate level he graduated from the Biratnagar school. After that, he shifts towards Australia where he had done a Bachelor’s degree from Australian Harbour Intl College. Overall, his educational carrier was good.

In terms of his child’s life, we can’t find enough information. Anyway, some information clears his childhood life was good. As being from a top-level family his childhood completed with kind remarks.

Kushal Pokhrel Youtube Journey

kushal pokhrel age

Since childhood, he was quite a funny type of child. This is the reason we got the same effects and features on him. Because of this comedy nature, he had contributed a lot of videos that make people laugh.

Before getting on Youtube he used to perform some stand-up comedy shows. Attending such shows motivates him to get more success and popularity in this field.

With his hidden talent over comedy, he won the Title of Stand-Up comedian at Nepal Gasm. Finally, he joined YouTube and start uploading funny and comedy videos.

With the regular and mass entertainment from his Youtube videos, people knew him. Also, these days we can find a lot of memes and clips of his Youtube videos that show the popularity of the audiences.

Hobbies and Relationship

kushal pokhrel video

The hobbies of our super comedian diverge from others. Although his profession is to make funny and comedy videos, his hobbies are quite different. He loves to play volleyball much.

As more, he is also interested in photography. He spends the leisure time traveling and shoots photos. As more, he makes the vlogs. As far, we got he is also passionate about singing.

In points to the relationship, he is still single. Although he has thousands of ladies’ followers and subscribers on different platforms, he is still under moderation. It means he hasn’t exchanged the heart for love.

Social Fan Following

The fan following of Kushal Pokhrel is from Tiktok to Facebook and Facebook to Youtube as subscribers. She had owned the 90K plus fan following on the Facebook page.

Similarly, we can find more than 40K followers in his Instagram ID. On Instagram, he used to share life moments. Finally comes to the major source of his carrier, YouTube.

In YouTube, he had already gained more than 350K Subscribers in his YouTube channel. With the continuous contribution of over 4 years, he can get the support of 3.5 lakhs Nepali.

Facebook: 90K+ Followers,

Instagram: 40K+ Followers

YouTube: Pokhreal Kushal, 347K+ Subscribers

Joined: 16th April 2017

Kushal Pokhrel New Video

Some Facts Of Kushal Pokhrel

  • He completed his bachelor’s degree in Australia.
  • He is one of the multi-talent men.
  • He starts making vines when he was in Australia.

Common Questions

My Views

It’s rare to see the multi-talent people in the world. Luckily, we had time to see Kushal Pokhrel in the comedy world. He is one of the rising comedians from Nepal who is active on YouTube with the latest videos.

As being Nepali it’s our duty to grow Nepali entertainment. So, let’s join hands together and support the nation by entertainment part and wish for Kushal Pokhrel.


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