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Givina Magar Biography, Age, Profession and Wiki

biography of Givina Magar
Givina Magar
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5′ 6″
Birth Place: Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation: Teacher, Social Service TikToker
Relation: Single

Givina Magar is a well-known TikToker who used to share helping Videos with Old People. She is a teacher by profession from Pokhara and a social service girl. She loves helping helpless people and providing them with food and shelter with her income. Here’s the Givina Magar Biography.

Givina Magar Biography

Givina Magar is a 24-year-old TikToker and Teacher by profession. She used to make unique TikTok videos that she goes around in her free time to provide food. Also, she helps the needy old citizens in the streets and makes a video of helping them. 

photo of givina givina (givina18)

She provides all the help through her income. She also collects data on the old people whom she helps. Then takes them to the old age home later on. She has already taken more than 50 elderly people to the old age home. 

People make different types of TikTok, but Givina has set a great example that TikTok videos can also be made. To give a good message to society and spread kindness by helping needy people is the main aim of her TikTok Videos. 

Full NameGivina Magar
Age (As of Now)25
Birth PlacePokhara, Nepal
ProfessionTeacher, Social Service 
Known forHelping with Videos on TikTok
Life Lineदुःखलाई नजिकबाट चिनेको भएर होला अरुको पिडा पनि आफ्नै जस्तो लाग्छ ।

Givina Magar Child Life and Family

Born in a Middle-Class family she had to do a lot of struggles in her life age. She was born in Pokhara and lives there. Her childhood life was surrounded by several difficulties. 

In childhood, her education was okay and have good skills to express towards others. With this now she’s a teacher. Regarding the family, her family life was supportive of her. 

She was an elder child of the family. So, need have to tackle a lot of challenges and responsibility for the entire home with her father.

Her Profession

Biography of Givina Magar, by profession she’s a Teacher. She used to teach upto the secondary level at the community-based school of Pokhara. Although her income is not enough to get full control over the family expenses but also she used to save her income and help the old and needy people in different parts of the country.

Besides teaching, Givina used to expense her leisure time with the students and children and support them. Till now She had helped many people and also make happy to sad and mentally depressed children.

givina magar tiktok

Givina Magar is a social worker who’s widely known on social media for her support and help to the helpless. She’s the light over the dark that beats the gives reason to live in life to the many peoples.

Givina Magar on TikTok

Givina Magar used to be active on TikTok. With over 1.1 Million followers she gained huge popularity in all age groups. She had gained more than 88M likes on her videos.

She used to make a unique video than other TikToker. Her almost videos are used to give the message and lesson about helping others. Til now she had uploaded more than 100 helping videos. 

givina magar serving food in covid19

With her income from her Teaching job, she used to help the needy and old citizens on the streets. She used to make the video of helping them to give the message to join with the helping hands.

With her minimum income, she managed to give a new life once again to the helpless people. Besides she used to collect the data of those people and request the old age home to take them.

The Life Lesson from Givina Magar

In her one video she said, ‘दुःखलाई नजिकबाट चिनेको भएर होला अरुको पिडा पनि आफ्नै जस्तो लाग्छ।’. She believes that happiness increase when we express it. With this motto, she used to help others as much as she can.

givina magar in saree

Bron from a middle-class family had learned more about life. So, she used to feel the pain of others like her. She’s a kind-hearted Girl with beliefs in love and support.

Some Facts about Givina Magar

  • She’s a famous TikToker with over 1M Followers and 80M Likes on Videos.
  • By Profession, she’s a teacher.
  • She used to help with her income.
  • She has helped more than 50 People to shift to Old age homes.

Common Questions

Who is Givina Magar?

Givina Magar is a TikToker and social service who used to share helpful videos on TikTok.

What is the age of Givina?

Givina is running in the 25th year of her life.

What’s the Profession of Givina?

By Profession, she’s a teacher.

Is Givina Married?

She’s single.


The lady who used to believe in happiness as the prime of life had helped several people till now. She used to share videos on TikTok to express and creates a belief in helping nature. 

She’s one of the biggest inspirations and the light of several people. Our team wishes her the best in her upcoming life.

Basanta Limbu
Basanta Limbu
Basanta is a Blogger and Article Writer. Worked as General Blog Writer since 2018.


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