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Biography Of Oasis Thapa: Everything About Oasis 

biography of Oasis Thapa
Oasis Thapa
Birth: 26 August, 2000
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5' 5"
Birth Place: Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation: Singer
Relation: Single

About Oasis Thapa

oasis thapa

In the modern age, youth are more inspired, show interest in their passion, and get success. Likewise, Oasis Thapa is also the one who is precious because of his full heart performance and brings happiness to the people through his songs. 

He is a professional singer and a songwriter. He started his artistic journey when he was a teenager. At first, he wrote his songs and started to record them on mobile and post it on YouTube. 

He both writes and produces his music at present. So, here’s the Biography of Oasis Thapa.

Nepali Musical Industry is gradually changing as many youth artists are making their way to success. His first debut song is Juni Vari Lai which was underrated, but Tiktok made a huge boost, which started getting more attention from the public. 

Oasis Thapa is more interested in the music and has a deep/strong connection to it. When he first started his musical venture, he could not expect much from his songs, and he was not a professional artist. But his songs were loved by the people and got millions of views and subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

So he got inspired by these and started to post many more songs. Mutu Tutnu Nai Parcha, Maya Ko Artha Thaha Pauna Lai got viral because of their beautiful meaning. The heartbroken people could relate to these songs. His songs can provide relief to a heartbroken person. Likewise, the song was viral on TikTok, and many others started to cover the song.

Oasis Thapa was born on August 26 2000 in Kathmandu. He started his musical career at a very young age (teenager). He also used to sing a song in school the Programme. He shows his talent in music whenever he gets the chance. Then, he started to explore Various genres deeply. 

He has realized that music is only the way he wants to move ahead in the future, although he has many other options. He chooses music because he loves music. He loves to sing and write songs. Due to his hard work in his passion, he has gained the name and fame in the Nepali Music Industry. He explains love, happiness, and sorrow in his songs.

Juni Vari Lai was his debuted song, but this song cannot occur among the people, and it is underrated. Then he thinks that this is not enough for the successful and starts to work hard. After that, he released the song on YouTube on his birthday. 

The conclusion of the song was his own break-up story. Slowly he starts to write and compose his songs. He has not been a success once. He had faced many obstacles in his journey. But he has been supported by his parents.

Oasis Thapa Biography

Name Oasis Thapa
Date Of Birth 08/26/2000
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation Singer, Song Writer
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal, Bagmati Province
Field Music Videos
Education Status n/a
School n/a
College n/a
Net Worth 5 Lakhs-10 Lakhs
Income 40k-1Lakh/Month

Oasis Thapa Family Info

Oasis Thapa Family Status
Father n/a
Mother n/a

Oasis Thapa Educational Background

oasis thapa height

As per the resources, we cannot get the Educational Background of Oasis Thapa. We can include more details about his education in our next Biography. Still, Oasis Thapa Wiki information is incomplete.

Oasis Thapa Family

Let's talk about the family of Oasis Thapa. As per the sources, we cannot find the family details of Oasis Thapa. We will mention full family details next.

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Oasis Thapa Age & Birth Information

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As of 2022, he is running on the of his age. He was born in Kathmandu, Nepal and spent his childhood in Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, he lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Oasis Thapa Height and Physical Information

oasis thapa photo

As we know about the Physical information of the Oasis Thapa, he is about kg in weight and height. More ever, he has maintained his body well. Physically, he is not so fat and well-maintained body. 

He is a very handsome and good looking singer compared to others. Many female fans are impressed by him and his songs too. Talking about the hair colour, it's black, and his eye colour is Dark Brown.

Oasis Thapa Physical Info
Oasis Thapa Physical Status
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 57 Kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Colors Black

Oasis Thapa Marital Status and Partner

When we talk about the relationship and marital status of Oasis Thapa, he is still single. As per the information, he has no girlfriend.

Oasis Thapa Marital Info
Oasis Thapa Marital Status
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Name n/a
Hobbies Singing, Travelling, Writing
Favorite thing/Person n/a

Professional Journey

oasis thapa age

As we know that there are no controversies with Oasis Thapa. He is the rising star in the Nepali Musical Industry. He started to write and record his songs at a very early age. Oasis Thapa is a self-taught singer and songwriter. He has been started his life in music when he was a teenager. He also started posting his songs on YouTube in 2018. 

Professionally, he is both writer as well as a producer. He has collaborated with other artists too. The young faced issues during Lockdown like everyone else. He was frustrated but still focus it on music and songwriting

He says,' I did not want to prove the people who did not believe in me right'. He has become an inspiration for the youth to follow their dreams no matter what.

His journey in the Nepali Musical Industry has become very hard at present. He debuted with the song Juni Vari Lai was not popular and has been underrated. So, his start in music was not good, but he could not quit his profession due to his love /affection for music.

Oasis Thapa Profession Status
Profession Singer, Writer
Popular Songs Jani Na Jani, Sunna, Aparichit Bhawana,etc.

Oasis Thapa Social Profile

Likewise, every people Oasis Thapa is also active on social media. We can check on his social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube where he has shared his various and different photos and videos and his life moments in it. He is a very active, magical, multi-talent and energetic guy so he can upload lots of photos on his social media sites.

YouTube: Oasis Thapa

Subscribers: 172K

Joined: May 18, 2013

Facebook: Oasis Thapa

Followers: 2K

Instagram: oasiz.exe

Followers: 20K

Oasis Thapa Net Worth and Salaries

Oasis Thapa has accumulated a huge amount of Net worth from his successful Career. He had many sources of income. One's source of income is YouTube, as he has +100k followers.

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Oasis Thapa New Song

Some Facts About Oasis Thapa

  • He enjoys listening to sad or indie pop songs.
  • Oasis is good at drawing.
  • He prefers sweets to spicy meals.
  • He is an introverted and shy type of person.
  • He gets stage-frightened initially.

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