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Biography Of Tonde Gamer: Everything about Sarju Giri

biography of Tonde Gamer
Tonde Gamer
Real Name: Sarju Giri
Birth: 15 February 2000
Nationality: Nepali
Height:5' 7"
Occupation: Gamer
Relation: Single

About Tonde Gamer

tonde gamer real face

Nowadays online gamers are increasing day by day in the world. If we talk about Nepal, then we can find the same trend in Nepal too. From Nepal, we have already got some popular online gamers like Mr. Junior, 4K Gaming Nepal, etc. Among them here we are with another popular gamer Tonde Gamer Biography.

Tonde Gamer is one of the leading online streamers from Nepal. He mainly used to stream the live games on his YouTube channel, Tonde gamer. He is one of the most popular free fire players from Nepal who used to stream live videos in the Hindi Language.

If you are in confusion about whether Tonde Gamer is Indian or Nepali then you have to make it clear, he is Nepali. Tonde Gamer was born in Nepal and used to stream live videos from Nepal.

Tonde Gamer Biography

Name Tonde Gamer
Real Name Sarju Giri
NickName Gai Tonde (Inspired from Movie Character)
Youtube Channel Tonde Gamer
Date Of Birth 02/15/2000
Nationality Nepali
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Occupation Free fire player / Gamer/ YouTuber
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Current Address Kathmandu, Nepal
School/College NCA College of Management
Net Worth 10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
Income 2 Lakh – 3 Lakh Per Month
Religion Hindu
Hair Color Black
Hobbies Playing Games, Watching Movies
Tonde Gamer UID 282951914
Tonde Gamer Phone Number n/a

Tonde Gamer Family Info

Tonde Gamer Family Status
Father n/a
Mother n/a
Brother n/a
Girlfriend n/a

Tonde Gamer Pc Species

Tonde Gamer Pc Species
Processor(CPU) AMD RYZEN 9 5900X
Graphics Card(GPU) MSI GEFORCE RTX 3090 TRIO
Power Supply(PSU) CORSAIR 1200 WT
Storage 2TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS NVME M.2 Pcle Internal Solid State Drive / HDD - 10 TB { SEAGATE BARRACUDA ]
RAM Patriot Viper 4 16GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 3600MHz
Motherboard ASUS x570 TUF GAMING PLUS
Monitor BENQ ZOWIE XL2546
Headphone Hyperx Cloud ||
Microphone BLUE YETI

His Childhood & Education

As being the son of a poor family, the child's life of Tonde was not so good. In childhood, he used to spend the most time playing and roaming with his friends. During his childhood, he had done none impressive tasks for his family.

He said he used to play the games much during childhood. Besides gaming, he also used to spend a lot of time watching movies. Overall, the child life of Tonde was normal.

In terms of education, Gai Tonde was totally not interested. He didn’t use to pay attention to the study and learning. In short, he was not interested in reading books and spent time on study. Because of this, he could not present better in child education life.

With the change in time, he had improved his education life. For this reason and hard work, he could score the first position on the college exam.

Journey to Gaming

tonde gamer biography

Although he had to stop his gaming passion for improving his education, he could gain his power. After getting a good ranking on the college exam, he got motivated again by the friends who used to play free fire.

The major reason to jump towards gaming after a year of an interval is to get and feel the happiness after scoring on the game. He used to get surprised after getting the reaction of his friends from the games. To know all why they get sad, happy with just a game? Again he carries the weapon of the fight for giving a new revolution on gaming.

YouTube Journey/ Live Streaming

tonde gamer real photo

Do you know, Tonde Gamer is the second biggest online streamer (gaming) from Nepal. Also, he is one of the top gaming YouTube of India too. We have got many numbers of fans and followers on his streaming platform.

For fulfilling the wish and to board the audience, he joined YouTube on 2019 16th February. In recent times he used to upload/ stream the videos in the Nepali language. After a time he continues to stream the live gaming in the Hindi Language.

The major reason to stream in the Hindi Language is for making more engagement with the audience from WorldWide. For this reason, we have got subscribers from worldwide. Among them, most subscribers are from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

In the Live streaming, he used to play the Free Fire games and entertain the subscribers. On his YouTube channel about the section he had mentioned, they base this channel on the Garena Free Fire Live updates and streaming for free.

Channel Name: Tonde Gamer
Joined: 2019 Feb. 16
Subscribers: 2.9Million
Total Views: 29,40,00,000+

Social Fans

Besides the live streaming, he is also active on Instagram. We have got his Official Instagram profile where more than 81K followers are following him. Mainly he used to upload his moment's updates on his Instagram profile.

On Facebook, we have got a page having more than 10K like and followers. But as compared to Facebook, he is more active on Instagram and used to update frequently on Instagram.

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Hobbies & Relationship

We have found almost all gamers are as passionate about gaming as others. Here also we have got the same thing on him. He has also been passionate about gaming since childhood. Although he had to stop his gaming in the middle time to continue the study, he got back into gaming.

Besides gaming, he used to watch movies. Yes, he used to spend his time watching movies after gaming.

For the relationship then we haven’t got such chemistry and information to mention.

Tonde Gamer Popular Video

Facts about Tonde Gamer

  • He is the second biggest gaming YouTuber from Nepal.
  • His younger brother is the biggest inspiration and supporter of his life.
  • To grow the audience, he used to stream in Hindi, although his mother tongue is Nepali.

Common Questions

What Tonde Says

In one interview, Tonde has given some inspiration points for new gamers like you. He said that the trouble that you face in your life is not real trouble, it’s an opportunity. The trouble of your life will be real trouble if you treat it as trouble. So, we limit the success for everyone, until that you have to wait and keep ongoing for the work.

This inspiration clears and shows the biggest way for every youngster. From his biography, all the people like you can understand that difficulties are the key to success in life. Finally, work hard, cry on unsuccess but never turn back from the journey.

My Views

I am also a free fire player. Rather than other games, my favorite game is free fire. Among many free fire players, Tonde Gamer is one of my favorite player.

After knowing Tonde Gamer is from Nepal, I feel proud to be having a legendary player in the Nepali gaming community although he speaks Hindi. This is all about Tonde Gamer Biography. Leave a comment below if I left anything in his biography.